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Diablo 3 Season 12: The 3-Dayer?

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I needed a game to pass the time until Battlefront 2 comes out, so I decided to jump in a few days after the start of Diablo 3’s 12th season. For the uninitiated, a season basically means you start a character over at level 0 and play ‘fresh’. Each season tends to bring a patch to balance things, maybe introduce some new items, etc.

Season 12 did a ton to balance the classes in the game so that there isn’t such a disparity between “the best” and “the worst”. In other words, if you had to classify a ‘build’ as the “best” (let’s call it S Rank) and a class as the “worst” (F Rank) there would be several builds for each class closer to S than F.

That’s a big change from even just two seasons ago. Plenty of builds sucked and would never exceed Greater Rift 100. Totally different now, and instead of having to play a “good build” you can just play what sounds fun to you.

So, for the first time since Diablo 3 launched, I’m playing a Monk.

I was power-leveled to 70 (max level) in about 10 minutes thanks to sitting at the entrance while a friend clears T6 rifts. Now I’m gearing up to find the Sunwuko set so that I can use a Wave of Light build. It seems like the most fun to me. Lots of screen-clearing ability and capable of pushing GR115+, but that like I’ll ever see that. I’ll probably see 70.

Diablo 3 seasons tend to be 1 week endeavors for me. I find lots of gear, clear lots of grifts, and then decide I don’t feel like doing the “grind mobs mindlessly for small upgrades to min/max and optimize gear” game.

This time around, I think I’m going to start coining it the “3-Dayer”. The 3-Dayer actually has much larger application which I’ll post about in the near future.

  • I always meant to try diablo3 again. But I keep seeing variations on this post that prevents me firing it up

    Also PoE recently expanded to 10 acts making the leveling game funner, and seems to last longer than D3. The end game has different kinds of content giving you a few reasons to build different toons making leagues last longer than D3 seasons.

    I really enjoyed D3 melee when it first came out but it needs a more compelling and varied end game

    • PoE fizzled out really fast for me. It felt cumbersome to level. Something about D3’s ability to maximize the skinner box it creates just resonates with me when I’m looking for a game to blow 3 days on.

      • If you are looking for a 3 dayer, Diablo 3 really does seem to fit the bill. Although PoE has gotten a lot easier to play in 3.0 with its improved tutorials, it will never be a 3 dayer. But that’s why there are still several good games co-existing in this genre, something for everyone.

  • I made it to 70 with a group of buddies on Thursday night and got my 4/6 set going. On Saturday I got my 6/6 set then spent most of the day helping various friends get theirs done. By Sunday we had mostly done out solo 70’s for primal drop availability and now we’re farming 85-90 GR’s for better gear, to see how high we can push before people stop playing.

    They did do a lot to even out the power differentials between the classes and builds. But they also introduced a ton of power creep in these last two seasons. Previously getting a 70 GR done solo could be a significant challenge and take awhile to build up to. Now we’re doing it within 24 hours of the season starting and in laughably bad gear.