When is The Elder Scrolls 6 Coming Out?

When is The Elder Scrolls 6 Coming Out?

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When is The Elder Scrolls VI coming out? Sorry, I don't know. That's why I'm asking.

I've recently been on a Skyrim kick thanks to the Switch version being an awesome way to play the game on the go and/or away from a traditional TV setup. 

I'm also watching a lot of Oblivion being played by a streamer named DansGaming. He's currently playing a modded play-through and I've decided if by the time I'm done with Skyrim and bored enough, if nothing else is out to play, I'll be doing the same.

All this Elder Scrolls has me thinking that we're due for a new release here soon. Technically, we're way past due. Morrowind came out in 2002. Oblivion came out in 2006. Skyrim came out in 2011. It's now 2018, and even accounting for the increased development time between games, we're due.


Peter Hines was on record in the last year saying that there are two major releases ahead of any Elder Scrolls 6 release. And technically, they're still milking their Skyrim cash cow and ESO. The incentive to rush another out the door hasn't quite piqued. That said, I'd like one before 2024. Two major releases? Do we even know what one of them will be yet?

I'm a sucker for the new and shiny. I just want to know details, how they're expanding the universe, what they're doing to re-imagine the skills and concepts. Each game seems to streamline so much -- some good, some bad.

Any good ideas for how to scratch that itch? Other than playing Skyrim like I am right now?

  • I think they have been focusing on their MMO and digital card game. Probably need to finish the ES MOBA, ES mobile clicker and ES VR demo before they can think about working on another open-world single-player game 🙂

  • ESO killed Elder Scrolls 6. I’m not a fan of it, but it’s doing really well financially, and it’s much easier to monetize on an ongoing basis.

    It’s the same reason Rockstar has taken so long to release anything since GTA V – their online is just too profitable in the long term

    • I certainly hope it didn’t kill ES6. I hope it showed that perhaps a multiplayer option would be welcomed. I can only imagine how giddy I would be to play through Skyrim co-op with Graev.

  • I’m not a fan of the series but since ESO arrived it’s been impossible (as an MMO player) to avoid hearing things about it. I wasn’t really paying attention but I thought I’d picked up that the developers were planning on building up and maintaining ESO and had no immediate plans for another standalone game in the sequence.

    Single-player RPGs by majors may be a thing of the past – at least until someone works out how to monetize them more effectively.

    • While part of me wants to agree about single-player RPGs, Skyrim continues to make a fortune for them. Whether it’s people like me buying it a second time or more and more people buying it over the past 7 years because of its continued popularity, it still makes bank.

      Does it make ESO levels of cash? I don’t know. ESO surely makes a steady stream. It won’t have the peaks or valleys of a single-player RPG monetization curve, but how high those peaks spike really matters.

  • As a huge fan of Elder scrolls, I can’t wait for the next one too! 😀 Skyrim is so darn pretty, it’ll be interesting to see how they can top that. Whatever they’re doing, you can be sure they’ll take their time, like Blizzard does. 😉

  • I think Fallout has taken a bit of the development time from Elder Scrolls as well probably. Agreed though, also ready for another one.

    Keen, you should really consider diving into Divinity Original Sin 2 if you need something awesome to play with Graev co-op. A dual lone-wolves run through the game is probably just what you’re after.

    It’s simply excellent. The group of guys I tend to play MMO’s with is currently treating DOS2 like a MMO. We’ve got nights scheduled weekly for our “DOS2” groups.

    • That’s a pretty awesome idea. I’m going to bring it up to Graev and see what he says. I’ve been itching to give it a try.

  • If Bethesda is to be believed, it’s not even in development. Looks like they’re now taking the Rockstar approach to game “development.”