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What are You Playing this Weekend?

This weekend I’m looking forward to having some time to relax and invest in some games. This week was marred by food poisoning (or something unpleasant…) and a ton of client work. I’m ready for some R&R.

I’ll be clocking time in Skyrim for Switch, finishing up an Assassin’s Creed 2 play-through with my wife, and perhaps looking at getting We are Billions.

In Skyrim playing as a warrior 1hand block character with a very anti-bow approach. I’ve only ever played the stealth stabby type or the stealthy 1-shot archer builds. While so strong and probably more broken than most, those classes always lacked the “I’m a Nord with a sword and board standing toe-to-toe with a dragon” kind of approach that I feel is really inherent to the Skyrim world.

What’s also cool is that I’m playing this through with my wife watching. It’s her first Elder Scrolls game, so she’s coming to terms with what it means to play an open-world sandbox RPG. I think she understands now that you really can go at things your own pace.

If anyone has advice for the 1h/shield builds, please let me know! I’m looking for build advice and “be sure you do XYZ” in-game kind of stuff. I’ve only ever played through the story once, and a second time just roamed the world without doing much story at all.

Playing through AC2 has been a much better experience than AC1. What a QOL improvement. At the same time, I forgot how the game hadn’t introduced the “crouch and sneak” or “stick to walls” gameplay yet. You still awkwards walk around and try to hide yourself. Really weird. But hey, at least we can aerial and double-assassinate!

We’ll be going through the entire Ezio collection, then moving on to… ugh… AC3. I’m debating if we’ll just skip it entirely in favor of moving on to Black Flag. Would that be robbing her of the complete experience, or saving her from the disaster of AC3?

All week long I’ve seen streamers playing We are Billions. It looks like an RTS resource management and defense type game. Anyone pick it up and think it’s worth grabbing? I’m curious what you think.

What are you guys all playing this weekend?

  • They are billions is awesome. Still early access with a long way to go, but if an ironman/hardmode rts appeals to you, check it out.

  • I resubbed to WoW after BFA was announced a couple months back, and have finally hit level 110 yesterday on my new panda mage. I didn’t feel like I was in a rush to get to max level, since I like playing through old content and battlegrounds just as much as the new stuff. Today, I’m going to start the Suramar questline; I’ve heard it’s one of WoW’s best! My only complaint is the ludicrous number inflation on the artifact system, namely artifact points being measured in billions. Eleven digit figures aren’t easy to read at a glance. Couldn’t they have just made limited it to 3 or 4 digits?

    • I agree with you about the number creep. It’s out of control, and it was that way very shortly after it came out.

      The downside to Suramar is that it feels like a chore list for me after the first time you do each quest. Going back and doing each one a dozen times is unfortunate.

  • Back to Battlefield 1 for now – just so much better then CoD:WW2, which I bought unfortunately. MP is still the same – tiny maps and twitchy gameplay, annoying players. Also AC:O which I bought a couple weeks back and been playing an hr or two a nite – and it is just slowly growing on me. And Shadow of War – just had had its hooks into me since day one. Working thru the ‘prologue’ ending at the moment. Game of the Year according to my gameplay times anyways : p

    • Battlefield 1 has had surprising staying power with some friends on Discord. Makes me wonder why I wasn’t hooked.

      • It has a very serious tone – tough to ‘relax’ with this game. But updates and patches have really made gameplay a lot more solid. I only bought the season pass recently because it was discounted on Origin to like $12. Still – can’t wait for the next Battlefield as WW2 is just not all that exciting given the huge amount of gun/vehicle diversity offered by the past BF’s.

  • Continuing to Play Horizon Zero Dawn (late to the chat i know). Fabulous, beautiful game that me and my husband are enjoying playing through. ^_^