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This Weekend: Looking for Skyrim Smithing Advice

What are you guys playing this weekend?

I’m playing a lot of Skyrim on the Switch. I’ve been leveling a warrior-type using 1h and block. Having not played Skyrim for years, I wasn’t aware of so many of the little changes. The biggest change is to Smithing. My goal was the level up Smithing and craft some pretty epic items. Turns out, it’s a little more difficult now. Smithing in Skyrim now works off the value of the item. From what I read, the best ratio of resources to skill gains comes from making ‘gold rings’, but I’m also reading some info about Dwarven Smithing. Looking for some advice here.

Are any of you out there Skyrim savants with some advice on how to level Smithing and Enchanting? There are many “guides” out there that simply outline exploiting. I don’t want to exploit. I want to play the game legit, but I want to reduce the friction and grind involved.

Also looking for a bit of input on Heavy armor. Which path (left or right) do you guys recommend? Leaning towards the one that reduces weight, but otherwise not a lot of value there.

My ultimate goal is to be an awesome shield bashing and slashing warrior guy who can just charge in and smack people around — even bashing dragons sounds fun. Input welcome!

That’s enough of my Skyrim noobness. What have you guys been up to this weekend?

  • Working and playing WoW. It’s alt season…lvling prof’s and getting cosmetics and fishing and mounts/pets/toys and all of the fun little stuff that game does well esp. for gamers with no time! It’s maddening getting older sometimes!

    • That is so the truth. As I’ve gotten older almost everything in life has become better EXCEPT for my free time. It’s maddening for sure.

  • because im also playing skyrim right now…

    the best and cheapest method to level smithing is to make (just) iron daggers. go to whiterun (? the town in the middle) buy up all the iron ingots from the female smith, then go into the shop and buy all the iron ingots there…
    you will need leatherstripes too…

    thengo and make as many iron daggers as you have materials for, see your smithing grow and grow…

    DO NOT use all your perk points at once, wait till you have a clear picture what you want to achieve

    … this method cost a lot of money!!!


    take all your daggers and go to the mage in the castle, go to the enchantmentshrine and enchant your daggers with whatever you want but the lowest christal (puny)… your enchantmentskill will go up very fast AND now your 8 dollar dagger is worth round about 480 dollar… go back to the smithies, sell your daggers and get back all your money + some…

    you can do this every second day (and in theory you can jump between all the towns, so if you wanna do this you will be maxed out and swimming in money in less than a week). i do it after every adventurerun, when i come back and sell my loot and so its not boring and doesnt feel grindy…

    i do not really understand your question about the rigtside/leftside thingie… right side is heavy armor, left side is light armor. so it comes down to what you want to wear.

    protectionwise, heavy and light will cap out at the same value (570+ something) so its just a matter of aestetics and style (and what you have put perkpoints into)



    • Going left on the skill tree gives Fists of Steel (sucky) > Cushioned (reduced falll damage, meh) > Conditioning (no weight for heavy – oooOooo).

      Going right gives: Well-Fitted > Tower of Strength > Matching Set > Reflect Blows. All decent.

      Going right is a clear choice, I think, but that conditioning is really so tempting.

      I use Heavy because I think it looks way cooler for a fighter type.

      Also, they patched the game so making daggers doesn’t work anymore.

      • ah, i see…

        unless there are some profound differences between the console and pc versions (im playing on pc) you are talking about the HEAVY armor skill and i am talking about the SMITHING skill…

        that being said, there is another reason to go with the heavy armor side of smithing… you have more materials to work with with your weapons. technically you can smith everything, but for improving weapons (the grindstone) and armor (the workbench) you wanna have a skillpoint in the materials to get the 100% bonus

        going heavy for the style you envision is sure the way to go, because for a big part of the game you are better off protection wise…

        hmmm, the dagger thingie still works for me

        and make sure to get arcane blacksmith, that one rocks imo

        have fun