Fortnite PUBG-Like Battle Royale is F2P September 26

Fortnite's PUBG is going F2P on September 26. Their original plan was to make the entire Fortnite game F2P after selling early-access founders packs. And yes, in case you're confused, they also sold physical copies of the game as well. How that makes sense for a game going F2P is really beyond me, but that's our industry today.

Epic Games is pivoting pretty fast. They're moving away from the base game (which sucks) toward the PUBG-Like Battle Royale game which actually has a lot more potential. It's smart.

According to the official release, squad mode is also coming 9/26. That's pretty cool.

Some of my early feedback of the "test" version is:

  • The maps needs more development because it feels sparse and empty (though I get it's meant to be built up in a way)
  • Vehicles would be fun (and are being conceptualized by the dev team)
  • I want the map bigger if there will be vehicles and if parachuting remains the same where you travel further horizontally
  • More maps and variety would be nice too which would be a welcome change over PUBG's static map
  • More gun variety would be nice, and some sort of addon system to the guns to provide more depth to gun-play

Their F2P model will be rather simple at start. The game will actually be 100% free. No strings, no box price (on pc only?), no consumables. Nothing. In the future, cosmetics will be added, but they're promising  "no gameplay advantage will be sold." 

I like it. I've been having fun. If anyone wants to jump in on 9/26, I would use a squad to play with instead of going at it alone.

  • I kinda feel bad for the people who invested in the game by buying a founders pack, even though it was going to be free to play in the end anyway. If this new mode pulls in the size of audience I expect it to, it’s almost inevitably going to be the main focus of development for Epic, thus sidelining what the original vision for the game was. Yeah the original vision for the game was marred with problems that made it “boring”, but I’m sure they could have been ironed it out.