Fortnite Battle Royale Actually Has Potential

Take PUBG.

Copy just about everything.

Give it a smoother-running engine, stylized graphics, and base building...

And that's Fortnite's new Battle Royale pvp mode. 

For a lot of games that might be an insult, but for Fortnite's Battle Royale I think it's a compliment. That has to be what they're shooting here here.

I recorded a few clips from some of my early ground.. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't record the round where I got 5 kills and placed 12th. These rounds were more sniper / kill the guy and get lucky rounds. Anyway, check them out.

As you can see from the video, the gameplay is identical. Bail out from the plane, parachute where you want to go, race to get gun and gear, hunker down and gank people.

Fortnite battle royale parachuting in

Two of thee main differences so far as traps and building.

In the video you can see I placed a few traps on the stairs to protect my flank while I broke out a wall in the attic of this building to snipe people from the direction where the storm was closing.

I was also able to build a wall with a door to give me that extra bit of warning that someone was going to come up behind me. Now that I think about it... maybe they could have opened the door. Hah.

During another round I built a stairway to the top of a big hill where I was able to sneak attack a few people. It's pretty neat to add that dynamic element to the Battle Royale model, and also their biggest differentiator.

Should PUBG be scared? No, not at all. Different tropes for different dopes.

I think that PUBG has more focus on precision and realism, and Fortnite has more zany personality and things like building and traps. If you're a Battle Royale fan, and not just a PUBG fan, then I don't see why you can't enjoy both.

Note: This post and video were based off the 'Public Test' version of Fortnite's Battle Royale which is currently open to everyone owns Fortnite. I assume things are subject to change.

  • SynCaine says:

    Just based off your clip, it would seem this is PUBG but with more cheese, since you can build your own hiding spots. Guess the circle might move you out of one, but if someone builds a silly spot and gets lucky with the circle, they are at a huge advantage. Not sure that’s a plus over what PUBG, where circle luck is already a massive factor in winning a game.

    • Keen says:

      It’s cheese, but it’s not gamebreaking from what I have experienced.

      So far everything I’ve built has been easily destroyed. Even in the video clip I think it shows how I used the sniper rifle and 1 shot practically took out the entire wall the guy was hiding behind.

      Getting enough materials to build has also been harder than I thought. If you spend time getting materials, you’re losing time getting weapons. If you hit cars or things to get metal, you’ll be heard a mile away. It’s had a nice balanced feel so far.

      The one thing I think is cheesy (but fun) was when I build my tower up to the top of a hill that otherwise wasn’t reachable. Unfortunately the circle wasn’t on my side.

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