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Just Like Old Times

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I had an awesome time tonight playing DAoC with some friends. I made a Skald, and the other two are a Shaman and Thane. We’re playing on Uthgard in the Midgard realm.

We did nothing more than sit on a road and kill mobs while laughing, insulting each other, and reminiscing. You can watch the video and skip around to the good parts.

Tonight’s fun makes me want to get back into streaming again. I think I might try and pick it back up and stream during our nightly sessions. If you’re an MMO vet, you’ll relate to a lot of our banter and pining.

  • Been playing with my wife, having a blast. Really enjoying the laid back pace and nostalgia. Have a level 16 warrior and 13 runemaster. I duo with her healer on the warrior and mostly solo with my runie.

    • If we catch up to you guys in level, maybe we can group for something. We’re super casual (if the video doesn’t show that) and just like to have fun at our own pace doing our own wacky thing.

      • That’d be cool. We’re super casual as well. Sometimes can only get on once or twice per week for an hour or two. Sometimes it seems like we’ll “waste” a whole Saturday in Midgard, just depends.

  • The awesome night seems 95% people, 5% game. Don’t see this one surviving longer than a week or two.

    • Funny enough, PEOPLE are what kept so many of us playing MMOs for years.

      If this one lasts more than a few weeks then I’ll be surprised too, but that doesn’t change the fun of nostalgia.

  • Do the dirty Hibs and Mids team up against the Albs like they did in the original? If so i like my odds…..

    • From what I gather, there’s plenty of complaining on all sides so it’s business as usual. Mid seems to do well. Albs were always the zerg and deserved to be hunted into extinction. 😉

    • I’ve heard a lot of grumbling from Alb and Hib saying Mid is OP at this patch level (I don’t fully comprehend why as I am not a hardcore RvR guy) and we’ve had DF a lot since the server started. So, it appears Mid is now the dominant realm.

      • Technically, Mid shouldn’t be OP at all in this patch. They were hit hard by the left axe nerf and other balance. There are odd balance issues with Shrouded Isle classes mostly from the Bonedancer.

      • At the beginning of Shrouded Isles most of the new classes had major OP issues. Savage and Bonedancer were nerfed as well as Left Axe nerfing Zerkers and Shadowzerkers. I don’t know if the animist nerf and necro nerf were in this patch or not though.

        I believe everyone just is automatically concerned about Midgard right away since at launch of this game, Midgard did have a huge advantage do to the healer and their stuns. Once that was fixed though, the realms have pretty much been on equal par.

        Remember when the game was live, there was only 1-2 servers where Midgard was the dominant realm.

  • ToA – are the trials set at current full group completable or are they at initial to release raid level madness?

  • There is no ToA, it is set at patch 1.65. The SI classes are implemented, but not the zones. Those are supposed to come at some point, but my guess is that is a long way off.

  • Good for you! Still my favorite MMO, loved that game. I sometimes play the ambient music from youtube for kicks..