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3,000 People Playing Uthgard this Morning

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I am a little more than shocked that I am enjoying this classic DAOC server as much as I thought I would. A big part of that is the people component, but it’s fun overall. I enjoy DAOC’s camp mechanics much in the same way I enjoyed EQ’s.

Before I go further, I want to make something clear: I would much rather be playing on an official server hosted by Broadsword — paying a subscription for the service — than playing on Uthgard (a player-run “freeshard” server.) I want to support the official thing. I want to support companies who make the decision to create a server to appeal to the core. I want to play where I can be more confident that the game developers have a financial stake in making it better.

broadsword online gamesRight now, Broadsword owns the rights to DAOC and UO. They’re doing a fine job running the games in their current eras. I encourage you to check them out if you’re looking for a game to play. But these games no longer reflect what I and many others enjoyed most. So my message to Broadsword is simple this: Take note this morning that 3,000 people enjoy this classic server. Many of us would love to play on a server like this owned and operated by you.

Until then, we’re having fun on Uthgard. I’m streaming our nightly adventures on the Keen and Graev Twitch Channel.


  • And over 25,000 accounts created.

    I’ve been saying for years that these developers have been leaving money on the table by not coming up with solutions to provide these type of legacy or progression servers to their former customers who preferred prior versions of their games. Or maybe just want to start over the way it was and work their way up and back into live. SOE/DBG finally realized this several years ago and have had numerous progression servers over the years. Of course, Blizz is leaving the most money on the table, while only recently giving even any lip service to the possibility.

    It is kind of mind blowing in a way. I mean, DAoC doesn’t have the kind of draw that Blizz could get by doing this, but even so you still literally have thousands of people saying, “I want to give you my money if you will host a server with an older version of your game.” And, they don’t do it. Mythic never did it, EA never did it, now Broadsword is ignoring it.

  • On peak times there’s over 10k on Elysium playing blizzlike vanilla wow, on a single server. Currently 10am in europe(sleep time US) there’s 7.5k online, not to mention the other servers having 4k, 2k and 1.5k. Folks like there old MMOs

  • Make a DAoC server with SI..ban buffbots..maybe a few QoL changes like Accountvault ( since there is no ingamemail ).
    And I am in.
    Uthgard Albion has a few open vaults (thx for that) that can be used to transfer stuff,helps with Alts and crafting.
    Spending a week in Midgard and though I asked nothing similar seems to be there…