3,000 People Playing Uthgard this Morning

I am a little more than shocked that I am enjoying this classic DAOC server as much as I thought I would. A big part of that is the people component, but it’s fun overall. I enjoy DAOC’s camp mechanics much in the same way I enjoyed EQ’s.

Before I go further, I want to make something clear: I would much rather be playing on an official server hosted by Broadsword — paying a subscription for the service — than playing on Uthgard (a player-run “freeshard” server.) I want to support the official thing. I want to support companies who make the decision to create a server to appeal to the core. I want to play where I can be more confident that the game developers have a financial stake in making it better.

broadsword online gamesRight now, Broadsword owns the rights to DAOC and UO. They’re doing a fine job running the games in their current eras. I encourage you to check them out if you’re looking for a game to play. But these games no longer reflect what I and many others enjoyed most. So my message to Broadsword is simple this: Take note this morning that 3,000 people enjoy this classic server. Many of us would love to play on a server like this owned and operated by you.

Until then, we’re having fun on Uthgard. I’m streaming our nightly adventures on the Keen and Graev Twitch Channel.


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