Leveling my RDM in FFXI, Defined Roles, and Lots of Streaming to Come

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My progress in FFXI is coming along nicely, I think. I went from level 8-10 tonight slaughtering rabbits, worms, and orcs. When I eventually reached level 10 I was able to make the dangerous trek to the Dunes where I was able to unlock the teleport location. Now I will hopefully never have to make that run ever again.

While leveling up I was talking to my friends who currently play, and have a lot of experience playing FF11 over the years, and one main theme kept sticking out to me: Grouping was about roles. I asked what the role of a RDM would be later and learned that Red Mages are the best debuffers, and will also have a nice Refresh buff to use on groups. So I’m a support character that can do a little bit of this and that. Lower levels I’ll most likely be expected to help with heals and contribute lightly to the group damage output. You guys know me and my love for defined roles, so this sounds exciting.

Not much else to report on the FFXI front today, so I’ll just leave you with the video of my 2 hour play session that I was able stream. I’m pleased with the quality — it’s way better than I had on my other connections. I’ll be streaming every night if possible, so if you’d like to stop by and join me for a chat be sure to follow me @ twitch.tv/keenandgraev and it’ll notify you when I go live.