WoW & FF11

Little bit of an update on what I’m up to for you guys. Right now I’m playing two MMOs: World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 11. It’s the oddest feeling swapping between these two radically different games.

Where I’m at in WoW

I’m still on the Fenris server. You’ll recall I returned to WoW and followed my friends here to the Alliance side after spending most of my previous years as Horde. Thankfully, this server is PvE so I don’t have to worry about the ganking I experienced on Emerald Dream. I’m playing a Monk right now, and while it’s decently fun, I just don’t see myself playing one for too long. I was glad to see that Legion is announced for the end of August, and that I’ll be able to hopefully start my Gnome Hunter in the prelaunch patch in July (hoping it comes in July).

Right now I’m level 88’ish questing in Pandaria. My friends and I were leveling pretty tight together for 1-70, but due to play time conflicts and ::cough:: patience issues ::cough:: one person shot up quickly to 90, and has since jumped to 97 in like a day. Our spread looks like this: 85, 88, 98 (probably 100 now). My friend who is 85 hates questing — I do too, can’t blame him there — so he’s leveling slowly through BGs and the occasional dungeon.

With 4 months to go until Legion, I think I’ll keep my sub active. I have 3k gold to my name and I would like to see that number grow substantially before Legion launch. I’ll likely fiddle with my Garrison a bit and experience the Alliance side of WoD. I can already tell you that I think I like Alliance better. Something about the way everything looks appeals to me more than Horde.

Noobing it up in FF11

I’m playing on the Nasomi FF11 server with some of my other friends. I still have no idea what I’m doing. I orginally rolled my Taru RDM in Bastok, but decided that I would go San d’oria instead, so I deleted Keen and rerolled. Getting to level 5 really took no time at all, and I’m already level 7.5 again after just an hour or so of grinding. I’ve changed my mind and decided that instead of SMN/RDM I’ll go RDM/WHM. I think that’ll be a really good support character and welcomed into groups.

FF11 is way more complex than EQ. In EQ you simply pick a class, level up, and get abilities/gear. FF11 requires a lot more from the player in terms of decisions and what to do. I find myself at a complete loss, but that’s part of my adventure I suppose. Right now my goal is to slay rabbits until I can’t stand it anymore, then hopefully reach level 10 or so and head the this renowned “Dunes” place where supposedly grouping is easier.

The interface is FF11’s biggest problem. Everything from targeting to executing abilities takes an extra step. I feel like I’m slow and clunky to respond as I try and figure out something as simple as targeting a member of my group. I’m using a controller to make the experience feel less wonky, and with macros I think I might be getting the hang of it somewhat. I created a macro where if I press left trigger then A, I can cast cure on myself immediately — that’s pretty useful. I just have to figure out how a group will even work, and what’s expected from me. Should be interesting.  Again, if you have any FF11 tips — quests I should do, items I should look for, places I should go, etc. — please let me know. I’m a sponge ready to soak up the useful knowledge.

  • People hate on using a keyboard for FFXI but I never understood it. I can use F1-6 to target my party members while you have to cycle through them or use separate macros. There are shortcuts to attack, to open the magic list, ability list, character sheet, and inventory. Yeah the UI was designed for a console but as someone who primarily plays PC games, I think the keyboard is still more powerful.

    Just don’t try to use the mouse. The mouse doesn’t work very well.

  • I think that’s my problem. I can’t detach myself from wanting to touch and use the mouse. I really like leaning back in my chair with the controller. 🙂 As long as it doesn’t make me suck in groups, I think I’ll stick it out.

  • Alright in my defense… ya I can’t really say anything I just can’t stand trying to slog through wrath and Cata dungeons, and then when I get to Pandaria since I’ve only ever have done it once it was almost like going through newish content.

    I want to do groups and dungeons in WoD. My worry is that since I out leveled you all you won’t want to play anymore :(. I have a feeling I could start an alt at level 1 and have him up to Damage’s level in a quick amount of time, but I’m not sure if I want to slog through that right now.

    I am more than willing to help you and Damage level to 100 though.

  • I’m sticking around. I’m worried you’ll quit, though. 😛

    I actually want to make another character. Monk is okay, but I’d rather something like a Paladin maybe? I’m looking at alts.

  • No, I’m not going to quit yet. I’d only consider it if I had to push out another 1 to 100 grind. I want to play my Warrior. Get him gear. Get him revered with faction. Play around a bit with some old raids and maybe go back and do questing in Pandarea to get the story.

    There is a lot that I want to do still. I know the next D3 comes out soon 4/29 but honestly I don’t have any desire to play that at the moment. I didn’t see anything from a content side that made me want to play.

  • I’d like to run lots of old raids to make cash. My Monk will essentially be my cash cow and he’ll make money for my Hunter that I make when the patch comes out.

  • Keen, What is your main Hunter Spec ? Or do you swap them up a lot? My preference is Beastmaster.

  • I’m Beastmaster. Definitely my favorite spec in the current version of WoW. I’ll go Survival when the Legion patch hits.

  • I played WHM past 50 in FF, using KB/Mouse – don’t recall it being to tricky. Macro’s were very useful