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Dabbling in FFXI Nasomi

Like a year ago (maybe more? Edit: 2 years ago hah) I was dragged into FFXI to play on the Nasomi server with a friend, but I think for some reason or another I quit after just a couple of days. Well, I’ve been sucked into trying it again. This time what won me over was how easy the installation was compared to old FFXI. Now it’s just a single download and exe you run without having to worry about any of the PlayOnline stuff.

I remember the 1-6 experience being like pulling teeth, so not too unlike the EverQuest vanilla experience curve. Thankfully, I was somehow able to use the same account I used in the past and I was able to log right into my level 10 Red Mage! 😀

The biggest hurdle for FFXI is still the presentation. The UI is absolutely atrocious and requires a controller in order to even be usable (still very bad). If you can somehow manage to get past the frustrating controls, there’s an old school game in here somewhere for the masochists like me.

FFXI is one of those games where you meet people, form groups, kill monsters until you get some levels or get bored, then move on to the next area. The ‘camping an area to exp’ is so weirdly satisfying to me.

Nasomi has been around for a while, so most people on the server have reached that ‘let’s help the newbies so they’ll keep playing with us’ stage. According to my friend, there are still plenty of new people coming to play (like me) which is why the server in the past few months bumped from 400-600 to 600-800’ish players.

I spent 1.5 hours figuring out the controls and finding out where to go. Tomorrow, I think I’ll get some experience and actually play the game.


FFXI on iOS from Nexon

Lots of images — well, lots of the same image — are coming out of the Nexon developers conference showing the upcoming FFXI “reboot” for iOS.

FFXI for iOS

The idea of FFXI on mobile devices intrigues me for a few reasons.

MMORPGs on Mobile Devices

I’m growing quite fond of my iPhone gaming. I play Clash Royale, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, Yokai Watch Wibble Wobble, and plenty more mobile games daily. I have lots of time to play in short bursts of 3 minutes here and 10 minutes there. That’s why mobile gaming is so convenient for me. Mobile games are becoming more like games and less like gambling by offering whole gaming experiences. MMORPGs on mobile devices would definitely take things up a notch for me.

I think the first question I have to ask myself is whether or not I want to even play a MMORPG on a phone. I think my answer is yes, though when given the choice I’ll take PC over phone. But when I’m not at my PC, is FFXI a game I’d boot up? I think so. I recently returned to FFXI on Nasomi, and I enjoy the experience enough. Having that, or even better a rebooted version of that, experience on mobile could be great.

The very thought of FFXI on a mobile device at first sounds horrible, but then I think about the menu system already being more intuitive for clicking. Then there’s the idea of a “reboot” where this could be a much simplified version. Maybe 5 abilities usable at a time? Refined menu system? After that, the only barrier becomes proper chat support and I think they have something.

FFXI Reboot

Will Nexon Ruin FFXI?

The business model will make it or break it for me. Nexon doesn’t have a great reputation for handling business models well. The currencies listed at the top of that first screenshot worry me. I’m not interested in a game where I pay to win or can’t do half the stuff F2P whales can do. I’d rather pay $10 and have the whole experience. Realistically my chances of that are nil. Will they have built in play-time limitations? Pay to win shops?

Lots of potential. FFXI is hopefully only the beginning of bigger things to come for mobile games. Never thought I would ever say that.

Leveling my RDM in FFXI, Defined Roles, and Lots of Streaming to Come

My progress in FFXI is coming along nicely, I think. I went from level 8-10 tonight slaughtering rabbits, worms, and orcs. When I eventually reached level 10 I was able to make the dangerous trek to the Dunes where I was able to unlock the teleport location. Now I will hopefully never have to make that run ever again.

While leveling up I was talking to my friends who currently play, and have a lot of experience playing FF11 over the years, and one main theme kept sticking out to me: Grouping was about roles. I asked what the role of a RDM would be later and learned that Red Mages are the best debuffers, and will also have a nice Refresh buff to use on groups. So I’m a support character that can do a little bit of this and that. Lower levels I’ll most likely be expected to help with heals and contribute lightly to the group damage output. You guys know me and my love for defined roles, so this sounds exciting.

Not much else to report on the FFXI front today, so I’ll just leave you with the video of my 2 hour play session that I was able stream. I’m pleased with the quality — it’s way better than I had on my other connections. I’ll be streaming every night if possible, so if you’d like to stop by and join me for a chat be sure to follow me @ twitch.tv/keenandgraev and it’ll notify you when I go live.


WoW & FF11

Little bit of an update on what I’m up to for you guys. Right now I’m playing two MMOs: World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 11. It’s the oddest feeling swapping between these two radically different games.

Where I’m at in WoW

I’m still on the Fenris server. You’ll recall I returned to WoW and followed my friends here to the Alliance side after spending most of my previous years as Horde. Thankfully, this server is PvE so I don’t have to worry about the ganking I experienced on Emerald Dream. I’m playing a Monk right now, and while it’s decently fun, I just don’t see myself playing one for too long. I was glad to see that Legion is announced for the end of August, and that I’ll be able to hopefully start my Gnome Hunter in the prelaunch patch in July (hoping it comes in July).

Right now I’m level 88’ish questing in Pandaria. My friends and I were leveling pretty tight together for 1-70, but due to play time conflicts and ::cough:: patience issues ::cough:: one person shot up quickly to 90, and has since jumped to 97 in like a day. Our spread looks like this: 85, 88, 98 (probably 100 now). My friend who is 85 hates questing — I do too, can’t blame him there — so he’s leveling slowly through BGs and the occasional dungeon.

With 4 months to go until Legion, I think I’ll keep my sub active. I have 3k gold to my name and I would like to see that number grow substantially before Legion launch. I’ll likely fiddle with my Garrison a bit and experience the Alliance side of WoD. I can already tell you that I think I like Alliance better. Something about the way everything looks appeals to me more than Horde.

Noobing it up in FF11

I’m playing on the Nasomi FF11 server with some of my other friends. I still have no idea what I’m doing. I orginally rolled my Taru RDM in Bastok, but decided that I would go San d’oria instead, so I deleted Keen and rerolled. Getting to level 5 really took no time at all, and I’m already level 7.5 again after just an hour or so of grinding. I’ve changed my mind and decided that instead of SMN/RDM I’ll go RDM/WHM. I think that’ll be a really good support character and welcomed into groups.

FF11 is way more complex than EQ. In EQ you simply pick a class, level up, and get abilities/gear. FF11 requires a lot more from the player in terms of decisions and what to do. I find myself at a complete loss, but that’s part of my adventure I suppose. Right now my goal is to slay rabbits until I can’t stand it anymore, then hopefully reach level 10 or so and head the this renowned “Dunes” place where supposedly grouping is easier.

The interface is FF11’s biggest problem. Everything from targeting to executing abilities takes an extra step. I feel like I’m slow and clunky to respond as I try and figure out something as simple as targeting a member of my group. I’m using a controller to make the experience feel less wonky, and with macros I think I might be getting the hang of it somewhat. I created a macro where if I press left trigger then A, I can cast cure on myself immediately — that’s pretty useful. I just have to figure out how a group will even work, and what’s expected from me. Should be interesting.  Again, if you have any FF11 tips — quests I should do, items I should look for, places I should go, etc. — please let me know. I’m a sponge ready to soak up the useful knowledge.


Playing FFXI on Nasomi


A couple of members in the K&G Community insisted that I give Nasomi, the new(ish?) FF11 “community” server, a try. I thought it was pretty new, but looking around I think it has been here for a few years. I know that people are starting to talk about it more, and there’s a lot of buzz around the population growing with new players to almost 1000 people. Now, I’m one of them.

It took a lot of insisting for me to finally buckle and go through the rigorous installation process. The detailed instructions are 12 pages long. Having played FF11 when it very first came to NA, I can tell you it wasn’t very easy back then either. PlayOnline sucks.

I’ll skip the boring details of my epic installation adventure, and how it took hours to get my controller to work, and get right to the details.

My character is named Keen, and I’m a Red Mage. I decided on Red Mage because I like the idea of being good at lots of stuff. I know that RDM are decent combined with other classes — or I hope so. I’m probably going to do RDM combined with Summoner. Can people confirm that this is a good combination of classes?

FFXI is confusing. I come from the EverQuest era of MMORPGs, so I’m typically okay with little to no hand holding, but this is on a whole different level. Much of the confusion stems from the UI, which is designed to hide menus behind menus behind odd labels. Using a controller makes it seem less wonky (keyboard/mouse forget about it), but that’s just the controls. Finding things in-game confuses me. Knowing what to do in-game confuses me as well. I pretty much had no idea where to go or what to do.

Thankfully I’m playing alongside one of my friends. He is guiding me by the hand around all the places in town where I’m supposed to go. Otherwise, I think I might still be running around trying to find out how to leave the city.

I reached level 5 last night. Seems like leveling up is similar to EverQuest: Go out and kill stuff. I like that model! I like it even more when I’m in a group, which apparently starts around level 13. I’ll give it a shot until then and see what the game is supposed to feel like.

Anyone else playing? Anyone have FF11 advice? I’m going in pretty open-minded while hoping that find that MMO experience I crave.