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I was very pleased to see the news of Daybreak’s progress on the up and coming EverQuest progression server. Friday they announced that the “Slower Progression” option won the poll. If you recall from my previous EQ progression server post, this option wasn’t the my ideal choice but a close second. I would have preferred a locked progression, but given their latest bit of news a slow progression server might not be so bad.

  1. Maximum Nostalgia: 6 month unlocks until Gates of Discord; 3 months afterward. This ruleset would take six and a half years to reach where live servers are now.
    1. Kunark: 6 months
    2. Velious: 6 months
    3. Luclin: 6 months
    4. Planes of Power: 6 months
      1. Legacy of Ykesha: 2 weeks after PoP
      2. LDoN: 4 weeks after PoP
    5. Gates: 6 months (after PoP)
    6. Omens and later: 3 months

That’s not bad! Several years of EverQuest? Yep, I’m okay with that. They’re also talking about whether or not voting would be implemented or if the expansions would simply unlock at the predetermined time. I hope voting comes into play so that we can delay PoP.

A few of us in our forum community are already planning to start a group on the server. Let’s hope they keep moving at this pace.

  • @Wilhelm: The “50% slower option” is faster than Maximum Nostalgia. 18 months before PoP vs. 13.5 months before PoP, and overall 6 months or so faster to reach current EQ. Though I do see your point about Kunark. If you love Kunark (and I do — it was the best expansion) then the “Half speed” option is great. But looking at the big picture, I’m inclined to go with Maximum Nostalgia.

  • Are the rules rolled back to those eras, or is it basically a content/level cap with 2015 rules? ie which spell list does it use, exp table/exp modifiers, etc?

    Pretty exciting if it’s a true classic progression server like P99.

  • Note: This is from Fippy. Just as Progression 2.0 was different from 1.0, it’s possible DayBreak will make changes for Progression 3.0.

    Rules are somewhat rolled back. Exp is live but with a cap of 2% per kill. (Yes, this meant 50 kills to go from 1 to 2). Actual spells are correct for the era/expansion but spell values aren’t. More importantly skill caps, pet damage tables and monk H2H tables are from LIVE making those last 2 classes grossly overpowered till POP at the very least.

  • I honestly don’t understand what this all means, could you break it down to me in 2 sentences? 😛

  • There will be an EverQuest server that mimics some of what the original EverQuest server did when it launched. The server will release expansions on a timeline, and contain some of the rules and features from the original launch as well as some from present day.

  • As much as I love EQ and EQ2, I have such limited game time these days. I really doubt I would be able to get much out of this if everything is this slowed down.

  • @Topauz: The key isn’t that the experience gain is slowed down, or the progression is slowed down. It’s how often new content is released and how often the game itself changes. If you’re a seasoned player with a good group you can go 1-50 quite fast.