Daybreak… Yikes

It seems my unease over EverQuest’s future may have been valid after all. Today it appears many (reports of 70-100) of Daybreak’s employees have lost their jobs due to “realigning our [Daybreak’s] workforce to better position our [Daybreak’s] company for the future.” From the looks of things on Twitter, it’s just about anyone who had a name and face. To be blunt, it may be only the skeleton crew of CSRs and people necessary to keep the games running who are left.



EverQuest Next Officially Cancelled

Unfortunately, this day has been coming for a long, long time. [su_expand more_text="Read the rest of Russel Shanks' relese" less_text="Read less..." text_color="#2a2a2a" link_color="#011948" more_icon="icon: file-text-o" less_icon="icon: eject"]To Our Daybreak Community,…


Daybreak Does the Impossible

I'm a little grumbly tonight. Daybreak decided they could do what was originally deemed impossible because the TLP/TLE servers are pulling from the same code as the live servers: Nerf…


Having Fun on EverQuest 2’s Progression Server

EverQuest 2 Time-locked Expansion Server

Continuing the ride the wave, Daybreak opened up two more progression servers last week, but this time the servers are for EverQuest 2. I chose to play on the PvE version rather than subject myself to PvP, and rolled up a Gnome Necromancer.

A little bit of my EQ2 Background…

I played briefly when the game launched. Graev was much more into it, but even he only lasted a few months. About 6-8 months after launch I went back and played EQ2 for roughly a year. Fast forward a couple years later and I dabbled in Echoes of Faywder but didn’t stick. I came back for Kunark and ended up playing for about 6 months. Ultimately I ended up with a 50 Monk, 55 Shadowknight, and 50 Brigand. Back then, that wasn’t bad.

Newb again

Logging back in for the first time two days ago, you’d think I never played the game. Everything was either different or my memory is getting horrible. Eventually I figured out the UI, found the dozens of settings windows to tweak the game to be just how I want it, and set out once again into Norrath (albeit a fragmented version).

You’ve probably seen me in-game (guess my name) asking dozens of questions. Last night I was trying to figure out crafting which has radically changed from back in the day, and is still quite different from other crafting systems despite being (I think?) dumbed down from what it was in 2005 when I last crafted. I think the system now just required me to match the symbols when they pop up? Is that right?

Feels good to return to a game that I literally played more than any other MMO released in the past 10 years and feel like a newb again.  (more…)