EverQuest DLC

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EverQuest 2 is officially leaving the expansion model behind. Content will now be released more often than ‘yearly’ in the form of “campaigns” with the first being The Rum Cellar Campaign. Yep, even Daybreak Games says it’s pretty much DLC. Given EQ2’s F2P model, DLC wasn’t a big leap. Actually, if you played EQ2 back when I did you’ll remember the Adventure packs like Splitpaw Saga, Bloodline Chronicles, and Fallen Dynasty. These adventure packs were, as far as I can tell, pretty much what EQ2 is going to be doing now.

I can see the pros and cons of a system like this. EQ2 is an old game now, and that means the community is smaller and players are likely wanting more things todo at a faster rate. Releasing content yearly can seem like a really long wait for someone who has played EQ2 for 5-10 years. Having snack size content might be nice for the people still sticking it out.

However, and here’s the downside, it means people are going to be paying more and getting less. That’s right, despite whatever the marketing spin tells you, the DLC packs will be less content than a yearly expansion and end up costing the players much, much more on the balance. At $15 for The Rum Cellar and an already revealed ‘higher price’ for the Fall Campaign, players aren’t going to be saving anything unless they forego a pack they aren’t interested in.

The dev team at Daybreak Games was cut back not too long ago after their acquisition and transition from SOE to DBG. Is this a response to a smaller team? It’s much, much easier to make snack size content packs that stand alone rather than releasing a huge expansion with a level cap raise.

In the end I suppose all that matters is quality. If these DLC packs add great content that’s really fun, allows players in an older game to continually have something new to do, who’s to say that’s not a good thing for them? DLC in general isn’t a ‘good thing’, but as long as this isn’t a copout and a cash grab, I think there’s a chance this can be good for EQ2.

  • While you are right on value, does frequency come in to play? If players don’t have to wait for once a year, is that worth an increased cost?

  • That’s pretty much what I’m saying. Having content regularly, as long as the QUALITY isn’t sacrificed, may be worth the price increase for players having stuck it out in EQ2 for 10 years. But… it’s still DLC. There’s a very much deserved stigma attached to it.

  • Wow. I immediately thought of the Adventure packs and they were not that great. I am back playing EQ2 again for the last few months and still have not done everything from a couple year break. I will probably order the first one and check out the quality/size. I like to explore so if a zone is small, I hardly enjoy it. I bought a year subscription on one of their specials before the SOE/Daybreak change. Not sure if I will renew or not but that was really based on the huge change in customer service. This changes a lot.

    Just reread what I wrote, guess I am just rambling. Very surprised on this decision is all.

  • Can’t tell at this stage. Could be good, could be poor. Give it a year and see how it compares.

    Personally, I liked the old Adventure Packs so I’m inclined to see it as a good move.

  • IMO for an older game like EQ2, the player base is probably happy about this change. More frequent updates, something to look forward to on a constant basis, and knowledge the game is still under development.

    Sure you’ll be paying more for this content, but online gaming is probably one of the best entertainment deals out there atm. I mean how much are you dropping going to the movies, bowling or having a couple drinks?

    I wouldnt be surprised if this becomes more of the norm. Also, if the content sucks, just don’t get it. I bet players will know within the first couple of days whether or not the content is worth it.