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Top 5 Scariest MMO Locations

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kithicor woods

1. Kithicor Forest

Every EQ veteran can tell you the horror we all felt hugging the very edge of this zone as we ran between Rivervale and West Commonlands.  Few people were brave enough to traverse Kithicor at night.  Even during the way I wouldn’t dare look into the zone for fear I would see something terrifying running toward me.  No zone in any MMORPG has ever come close to being this scary.

Estate of Unrest

2. Estate of Unrest

“Never a child to rock and hold, all that she loves has grown dead and cold.”  Maybe this belongs at number one.  The ambient knocking, creaking, and the voices… THE VOICES! … “Pop goes the weasel.”   EverQuest 2’s Unrest was legitimately freaky. Amazing ambiance for a zone.  Thinking about it makes me want to /logout and go play something like Free Realms.

secret world bridge

3. Kingsmouth

The creepiness factor is high throughout all of The Secret World, but Kingsmouth still gives me the willies.  Everything from the mystery of it all to Solomon Bridge makes me want to play with the lights on.

Nektropos Castle

4. Nektropos Castle

I guess the EverQuest franchise scares me more than I realized.  Nektropos Castle is home to a lot of just… oddly disturbing things.  From Billy the burlap sack doll thing to the ghost dogs, there’s no shortage of freaky monsters coming at you from all directions.  Getting lost in Nektropos Castle might be the scariest thing of all.

Raven Hill

5. The Abandoned Town of Raven Hill

I really don’t know why, but something about Raven Hill has always creeped me out.  Usually when WoW tries to be scary it comes off cute and fun, but thinking about this town full of dead people fighting their relatives who come back to life makes me want to avoid the area altogether.

  • When it comes to WoW, I think my favorite place in that category would have to be some place in the old plaguelands. Either Felstone Field or Darrowshire. Both featured ghosts (Janice Felstone and Pamela, respectively) who didn’t realize they died to the plague, and struck a great balance between scariness and tearjerker. I first hated the bleak setting of the plaguelands, but quests such as these made them one of my favorite areas eventually.

    You know, before the Cataclysm came and screwed up all the old lands…

  • Kithicor rightly gets the top spot. I still remember hugging the walls of Kithicor at level 60. It was just something you did. You didn’t want any part of that nightmare. Sure the mobs were all green – light blue but it was the feeling of the zone.

  • Never played EQ 🙁 but I always liked the creepy places in games. As I can tell about early wow, Raven Hill was absolutely a scary place…I also think that Mor’Ladin helped for this..I was always playing and turning my camera around to see if something is coming for me!

    Another creepy place in early wow is the upside-down sinners in the crypt under Karazhan and also the children of Elwyn Forest 🙂

  • Agreed on Kithicor. Lesser Faydark was actually pretty scary as well in an always-looking-over-your-shoulder kind of way. I can’t tell you how many times the brownie scout hunted me down in there.

  • I totally agree with Kithicor forest. I didn’t remember the name of the zone but I sure as hell knew what you were talking about as soon as you described it.

    For me though, that wasn’t the scariest place in EQ. I don’t remember the name of the zone at all, but there was a big lake just off of the area with that tree village full of avian dudes. In the middle of the lake was some sort of big spire that you could climb up that had a few more avians. I used to farm there all the time, but the actual swimming the lake part was terrifying. There were some aggressive fish mobs in there, but more importantly if you swam right on the surface you could see much further under the water and could kinda see that there was a cave under the island in the middle of the lake. To this day I remained ignorant about what was actually in that cave, but at the time I was convinced that there was some sort of horrible sea monster. I could never get up the nerve to make a serious attempt to explore it (not to mention the risk of asphyxiation).

    I haven’t really been scared by an MMO since EQ in part because most MMOs don’t really penalize you much for dying and also things are simply less scary as an adult than they were as an adolescent.

  • Love the list – Unrest really kicks ass in EQ2. When I was playing it it was a Halloween ritual to run that zone no matter what level we were – preferably with the lighs out and one candle burning by my PC. Creepy as hell.

  • I vividly remember the day Kitihicor “flipped”. In the beginning it was a starting zone filled with the same monsters as Misty Thicket. Then one patch it was filled with high level skeletons.

    Red. Everywhere. Scared out of my mind.

    Anyway, I agree with the list. Nek Castle is one of my favorite zones of all time. Also, I would add the amusement park in Savage Coast in TSW. That place creeped me out.


  • Kithicor totally freaked me out.. I TOTALLY remember running around the edge of it scared for my life.

    The was also another place that freaked me out, I can’t remember the name of the zone but it had gelatinous cubes.. GELATINOUS FREAKING CUBES and they had bones in them and they were GELATINOUS! O_o