Adventure Log: Planetside 2, Blops 2, ZombiU

It’s been a while since we did an Adventure Log, but given how many games we’re playing it’s probably a good idea to fill you in on some of our activities this past week.


It wasn’t long ago that I had nothing to play. I’d sit and watch movies or chat with friends wishing there was a game to take up what little free time I have.  Now I feel like there are too many of them!  I can play DOTA 2, Planetside 2, Black Ops 2, WoW, Guild Wars 2, and many more.

I’ve mostly been playing Planetside 2.  PS2 is going really well.  I can play for 30 minutes to an hour and make progress on my character while also participating in massive battles.  I don’t have to log in and commit to a raid or a group, and I’m not wasting any time trying to make something happen.  I like how I’m free to spend my points on anything and everything.  I definitely wish I could respec some points, but for now I haven’t invested anything too deep that I can’t simply earn it again quickly.  I had this one moment where I rolled up to an enemy base in a Lightning Tank and I killed 12 of them before running out of ammo and having to drive off. Probably the best I’ve done so far by myself.  In a group, I was in the secondary seat of a Prowler and I spotted (Q Key) a massive bundle of players (easily 20+) hiding near a hill for my friend to then obliterate in a few shots — crazy points.

I’m looking forward to Darkfall which will hopefully launch soon.  I’m itching for a really deep and involved MMO again.


I’ve been playing ZombiU and I really like it.  I think reviewers were expecting a different game when they played it.  It’s about surviving — you don’t want to get hit by zombies, so don’t complain when you die to one.  Most of your deaths are probably going to be your own fault anyway.  I didn’t find the difficulty to be that hard — definitely not Dark Souls hard at all — but more difficult than many games.  I’ll write a review for ZombiU this week.

Black Ops 2 has taken the rest of my time lately.  I have my moments, like everyone does, where I’m in the zone and I do really well.  Yesterday I went 40-11.  I really like the KSG shotgun, lightning tank, stealth chopper, and lode star.

  • Zombie U is a really fun game. While it has it’s issues the game is a solid 7-8 for me and a must buy if you like pure survival horror.

    If Ubisoft does their normal decent job with sequels Zombie U 2 will be a AAA title. All the base elements are there and just need a bit of shining up.

    PS2 on the other hand is a game I want to love but I just cant get into it at all. I’ve played for a few hours and it’s just not doing anything for me. Maybe its the lack of any real tutorial zone or something. It’s just too chaotic and I have no idea whats going on. I also end up dead in 2 seconds to people 20 levels higher then me who shoot me out of now where.

    I think I’ll stick to BO2, BF3 and the like for my FPS fix.

  • In PS2, I enjoy the occasional evenly matched battle, where the attackers brought enough Sunderers to sustain their assault and there are enough people defending that the point isn’t completely overrun.

    Other than that, it’s either you or them spawn point camping the other side until the SCU’s destroyed and then it’s off to the next base.

    I never play FPS (bad reflexes, worse aim, etc) and it shows. In the back of my mind I scream AIM-BOT! but I know its just their superiority at FPS games :p

  • Any thoughts on the enhanced version of Baldur’s Gate? I had forgotten about it until I heard a podcast mention it yesterday. Apparently they fixed 400 bugs & added some new characters.

  • @Rinvan: We both want to play BG:EE. The main thing holding us back is whether or not it requires Beamdog’s service running in the background in order to play. I heard it was like their own software delivery platform like STEAM.

    Anyone know if it can be run just by itself? What sort of DRM does it have?

    If it stands alone, I’ll buy us both a copy and download it today. I want to play it really bad.

  • @Keen: It can be downloaded as a seperate installer, you get the option to install via Beamdog or the stand alone one. It can also be run entirely independently of Beamdog.

    As far as the game itself, seems great from what I’ve seen so far. So nice seeing the game in a decent resolution!