Why I will play Planetside 2, Lesson for other Devs

Planetside 2 Bastion Fleet Carrier
I can’t even imagine how awesome these will be in battle.

When I saw John Smedley’s tweet, my mind was blown.  Okay, let’s break this down.

Awesome Factor

First, we have an incredibly awesome looking Bastion Fleet Carrier that looks like a freaking Star Destroyer.  In my previous Planetside 2 post I mentioned the massive aerial battle with 40+ ships dropping hundreds of players.  I can’t even begin to imagine the degree to which this type of vehicle will take Planetside 2’s combat.

I have so many question!  Will a player be able to purchase this and personally pilot?  Seems a little too massive.  From the looks of it, I can imagine tanks inside with Galaxies and fighters parked on top.  The sheer number of people this thing will carry makes me think that the game world itself may not even be big enough!

Star Destroyers in Planetside 2
Bring it ON!

This is exactly what Devs should do

It’s one thing to give customers what they want and meet expectations.  But to blow away their expectations is so much better. Am I the only one underwhelmed these days by what game developers are showing?  I haven’t gone “woah” in a long time.  The Bastion Fleet Carrier blew me away, made me say “woah”, and got me excited to log into PS2 this afternoon as soon as possible.  That urge to play, that incentive, those woah moments — those are what devs should focus on.

You might not be as floored as I am about this addition to Planetside 2, but hopefully you can understand what I’m getting at.

If you’re a dev and you’re reading this, I urge you to consider those ideas that will challenge the imagination and push the edge of what’s possible.

  • I’ve literally gone “Whooaaaah!!” loudly, out loud, several times in GW2. I was still doing it on the fourth or fifth time I did the Jormag event. I even did it two or three times during Lost Shores. It’s entirely possible that I’m easily impressed, though – I’m certainly easily amused.

    I must give PS2 another go. I wish it wasn’t space stuff, though.

  • I think the carriers will just be air vehicles within the existing planetary combat. If they added space combat (Which I think they’ve alluded to in the past) I think I would quite literally fall off my chair.

    PS2 is really exceeding my expectations right now. I’m quite pleased.

  • Smed has said they plan to eventually connect all continents by water and then adding ships to the game.

    Space combat after that prob.

  • i can’t describe how much i want to fly one of those things while i have vehicles and infantry inside.

  • Keen, it can be large and in charge… Eve online has this with their largest ships. beyond incredible to have pilot and make. Of course with Eve the risk factor to bring one out in battle goes without saying so mostly they are parked or when they come out they have 400 ships guarding it!

  • Yep this blew me away.

    And also following my comments on the previous thread I just had an 8 hour game of PS2 without any crashes, freezes or even much lag.
    There was tons of big battles raging and I loved it.

    Seems they may have finally got a grip on my EU server.

  • @Blargh: Yeah, I played a bit. Graev played a ton more than I did and I watched him play.

    Those big epic battles were why I am so pumped about PS2!

  • PS2 hasn’t been on my radar at all but your mentions are getting my interests so maybe ill ck it out soon as it appears to have some good things going for it.

  • The question is… do we also get one huge AA gun to take it down?

    I liked the AA ingame better in the beta. Stationary turrets could shoot as far as you could see.
    Right now they seem to have a limited range. (while planes can attack you from afar)

  • @Goom: And it’s free. The most you can lose is bandwidth, and a few hours.

    @Zyler: It would take some amazing AA to bring it down. Given the number of guns on the carrier itself, it could wipe out a whole base.

  • Does PS2 play more like a FPS game like BF3 or more like a MMO where you have realm pride and character progression going on etc?

  • It takes from both styles — that’s why it’s a MMOFPS.

    It plays like a giant persistent game of BF3, but the character progression is great.

  • I’ve been suffering from horrible lag when fights start getting big, so unfortuantely I haven’t been able to really enjoy the game. There have been a few times were it ran smooth in big fights and I had a blast though. Hopefully I can figure out how to fix the lag issues, if they’re even on my end.

  • I read about the game and watched the Friday Night Ops yesterday. I am not sure if I should pay the sub or play for free. Is the sub worth it or not?

  • @Thomas: Play for free. I won’t be paying a sub.

    @Theredcomet: That can happen when you get into massive battles. I read that before they add any new content they’re focusing on fixing that issue.

  • I’m having a blast just playing for free. I’ve been in some huge battles with no lag at all and my computer is 3 years old. I find the graphics very nice too.

  • I understand PS2 has both elements of MMO and FPS. I guess my question is which side is the game more similar to? Does it play more like a MMO just with tab bar skills replaced with FPS? Or more like a FPS just with some MMO elements added to it? Do I play it for instant fun like FPS or more like a MMO where I need to worry about if it is a 3 monther?

  • Its just a picture..nothing more. Not being incorperated in-game now or ever.

    Keep dreaming though 🙂

  • @Truborn Yeah it’s just a picture, but they basically have the underlying parts of it implemented already. There are big ass ships flying around in the sky that hold numerous people firing different guns already. And trucks that hold 12. All they gotta do is just go really big! But the mechanics are already there. I guess it would be a little unbalanced though if 1000 troops disgorged on a spot I was defending with 3.

  • I wasnt looking at this game until you started mentioning, now im downloading it and cannot wait to play it!

  • I started playing today and the one thing that bothers me is the hackers, they aren’t there that often but I have seen a couple people running superfast in a way not generated by rubberbanding like lag and a lot more calls of hacking on it…

  • I think I’ll give it a try.

    One question though, although I haven’t played most FPS online, I hear that some of them were nearly ruined by rampant hacking. What is the likelihood of this game falling prey to such practices?

  • Haha, I just read Drathmar’s comment after posting mine, so even more to the point, how does this game compare to other FPS out there with regards to hacking and what are the prospects for the situation improving or deteriorating with regards to hackers?

  • Simultaneous post with Keen.

    I have heard some games that were worse than other though, and although I am unfamiliar with the methodology differences I recall something to do with “dedicated servers”…

  • Planetside is a MMO. It’s like when you log into a WoW server. I haven’t heard of or seen a single hacker. I doubt they exist, or exist long if they try.

    Hackers should be the last thing on your mind when considering Planetside 2 or any MMO.

  • Cool, I will give it a try then.

    So for the unenlightened such as myself, what are the factors that allow for increased hacking of online games? Is it more of a console thing?

  • It seems like it was just the one day playing yesterday there was nothing and no one even complaining about it.