Borderlands 2: Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty DLC

Borderlands 2 DLC: Oasis

The first Borderlands 2 DLC has arrived.  Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty gives players the opportunity to embark on a side adventure for more killing, more exploration, and most important more booty loot.

I’m usually not big on purchasing DLC.  I think $10 can be a big price to pay for additional content, and rarely does that can’t justify the price.  That’s not the case with Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty.

Borderlands 2’s first DLC is actually really good.  In fact, I think it’s better than most of Borderlands 2 campaign.  Why do I say that?  I think the new zones are much better.  I like the look of the zones, the funny writing, the pirate monsters, treasure hunts, and the new flying boat vehicle.

Starting at level 15 you can go to Oasis, the first quest hub of this DLC.  Note that the DLC scales with your level.  Graev and I are level 46 and 48, and the mobs are our level.  Also, the loot scales nicely.  Not more than 10 minutes into the content we snagged some great upgrades to our arsenal.

Zipping across the sandy dried up pirate-ridden coves in a hover boat while shooting explosive harpoons is a blast.  Graev and  I think the level of detail that went into creating the experience of Captain’s Booty surpasses a lot of what went into some of the zones in the original campaign.

The quests themselves are still the same old archaic “go get me this” or “go kill this and come back.”  I wish the vehicles could be used for more than traveling to the quest location.   The plot of Captain’s Booty isn’t necessarily great, but in my opinion  the rest of the campaign wasn’t great either.

If you’re like us, you’ve already put in over 80 hours into Borderlands 2.  The several additional hours of fun you’ll get out of Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty DLC is worth the $10.

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