Conglomoblog: Newsletter, Skylanders, Wii U, Dota, Blops2

I just want to ramble this evening about what I’ve been up to, and talk about random upcoming stuff.

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Skylanders Giants

Graev is busy playing through Skylanders Giants.  I’m excited to join him when I go home for Thanksgiving break.  He’s enjoying the game a lot already and should have his thoughts up within a few days. He streamed this past week if you want to get hour about an hour and a half of Skylanders Giants gameplay.

Wii U

I think the Wii U comes out the day after I get home.  We have our Wii U Deluxe Edition pre-ordered.  It wasn’t easy since they’re sold out everywhere.  We had to grab ours 30 miles away at a random Toys R Us.  We already talked about why we’re excited for the Wii U.  The games are going to be amazing and the added functionality of the GamePad is going to be so cool.

DotA 2

My go-to game has really been there for me this past week.  I’ve played a TON — mostly late at night — and think I’m getting better now that I’m back into it.  Valve added a ton of heroes over the past months.  Actually, I think they only need to add a few more (Techies please).

Black Ops II

Blops2 comes out in a few days.  I think I already told you guys I’m getting it.  Since then I doubted the idea because it’s Call of Duty, but then decided again that I would buy it because it really is three games in one.  Since I skipped MW3 I feel like I can spend $60 on a CoD game and justify it on the fact that I’m craving an extremely polished shooter that doesn’t require a ton of commitment per match like Battlefield or even Planetside.

Okay, that’s enough for this Conglomoblog.  It’s nice having so many great games available.  We’ll get you our thoughts on the upcoming games asap.

  • i’ve been having a lot of fun in dota2 too, the new diretide mode is a really quick and fun mode plus i get to try out a lot of heroes that i don’t usually play.

    Valve has done a really good job with the game.

  • I signed up for the newsletter.
    Even if the Wii U is not for me. I like reading how excited you are for it.

    On a side note… Id like to give dota2 a try. Anyone have a spare key?
    Or know where I could get one?

  • I’m curious, how do you figure planetside2 needing commitment to enjoy? Imo, it is about as casual as it gets.

  • @Erwin: Planetside is a MMOFPS with persistent elements. Character development, resource accrual, and pushing territories takes a time commitment and a bit more dedication to see results compared to a match of CoD. I consider those great characteristics — in fact, I consider them essential for that type of game to be truly great.

    Sometimes I’m in the mood for a fragbox like Call of Duty, and sometimes I’m not. Right now that style sounds appealing. Planetside comes out soon as well, and luckily the two styles are different enough that I’ll be able to play both. If both required the same investment, I would probably have to choose between the two.

  • @ romble can not see your steam id. But would appreciate it if you send me a dota 2 invite. my steamnick zylon

    @Keen Can not wait to start planetside 2 on the 20th.. and keep all the progression. Game is great.

  • I used to play all the call of duty games. Decided not to get 3, as its more of the same. Steam sales came and I bought it anyway.

    It was fun for a short while. I guess it is the been there done that feeling and the game felt to fast paced for me. Doubt I get the new one.
    I do like how well made they always are.

    I’m more curious about farcry 3. i played 1 and 2. Despite some annoyances I liked farcry 2. Part 3 looks a bit more cartoonish, but still kind of realistic. (its the artstyle)
    I liked what I seen in videos, but what I still wonder about is the enemy AI. It seems to lack, but that might be because of the cheats the developers used to demonstrate the game.
    Will find out soon enough.

    Next Hitman.. Looks promising. Been a long time I played with the emotionless bald headed assassin with the black suit and red tie. I hope they succeed.

    That is about all I am looking forward to till the end of the year. (and planetside 2 of course)

  • Since this is your “What I’ve been up to” section, I have a question:

    Are you ever going to talk about the fact you’re playing Mists of Pandaria?

    Before it launched you made a few posts about why you wouldn’t be playing, that you’re not interested in the gear treadmill. and even called people returning for Mists “moths to the flame”, etc.

    Yet… you’re playing again! For the past few weeks it seems. You’re level 90, done heroics and even have done some raiding. Which is all fine, of course. I just thought that you would’ve done a post by now about your apparent change of heart.

  • @romble thanks it is appreciated…

    I watched a few tutorials and its quite different compared to LoL.
    I’ll have a few matches against the AI first.

  • @Fidjit: Busted! Yeah, I’m a hypocrite. I said I wasn’t going to play but I caved. Not too big of a secret, though, since my friends list is full of people who can see me log in and I also have raptor on whenever I play.

    A friend offered me a ‘recruit a friend’ to speedily level characters on his server. At first I just tried the 1-12 content for the pandas on a trial account (before he RAF’d me). Turns out, the content is actually a lot of fun.

    I RAF’d a Shaman from 1-80 in like a week. It’s a bit silly how fast it goes.

    MoP is a million times better than Cataclysm, and provides a nice distraction a few days a week.

    When the reality set in that GW2 didn’t have the PvE content, or much content at all for a character at the max level, I needed a game to play. Like someone brought up in my moths to the flame post, WoW is a security blanket. It’s always there.

    I haven’t written about it or a few reasons. (1) It’s really no different than it always has been, (2) It’s not an angle people are all that interested in, and (3) I don’t know how long I am going to play — saying I’m playing when I wasn’t going to felt odd. Plus, it’s the same old song and dance.

  • @Keen I still liked reading the story you just wrote.

    Even if I wanted to play WOW, I can not get over the whole panda thing (did not like him in warcraft 3 either) and can not say I am a fan of the far east in a mmorpg.