Netflix Party Play Removed from Xbox 360

We want to express our extreme dissatisfaction towards whoever is responsible for removing the Netflix Party Play mode from the Xbox 360 during this latest update last night.  The Xbox 360 received a rather large update to the dashboard, but apparently the ability to watch Netflix with others in a party is now gone.

Netflix users used to be able to launch the Netflix application and choose to ‘Watch with a party’.  This allowed us to watch Netflix together, despite being in different states while I am at college. We’ve enjoyed watching shows like Burn Notice, Top Shot, Star Trek, and movies together.  It’s simply something we enjoy, or used to enjoy.

Microsoft issued the following statement to IGN:

“The new app platform on Xbox does not support the video party mode feature at this time, so will not be available in any existing app partners that have updated their app, like Netflix, or any of the new Xbox app partners.

We want to know when this feature will return.  It doesn’t feel like much of an update when things are taken away from the service.  Not cool, Microsoft.

  • Agreed! I have a weekly anime night with some of my friends, and this new update has single-handedly put an end to it.
    Before my friends got the update last night, I was still able to accept party invitations from them and my Xbox fired up the old netflix client (though I could find no way to launch it directly).
    At this point, I’d rather keep using the old client as it supports party watching as well as not pausing as often to update the box art for tons of stuff i’m probably not going to watch.
    Hopefully a later update will reinstate party watching.

  • How taking away a feature like this increases the 360 Microsoft Division’s profit margin or their network performance I have no idea.

    But successful businesses, which the 360 division of Microsoft is, do not just drop something for no reason.

  • In the meantime folks..use this work around to use the old. Netflix app The update only added a new netflix it did not erase the old one. To use the old “not broken” netflix complete with party support Do this… I just did and i as you did not delete any files off your hard drive.

    1. Go to

    2. Sign in and click “Your Account” in the top right corner

    3. Scroll down and click “Manage Netflix ready devices and computers”

    4. Click the “Disconnect Devices” button. Confirm decision when asked

    5. Push the guide button on your 360 controller then go left and click the “Quickplay” option

    6. Go two spaces to the right and it will list all of click Netflix

    Always use quickplay netflix after this to use the old app with party support

    If you choose it off of the dashboard it will load the new one again)

    Spread this around to your friends and families…

  • I noticed two negatives to the latest Netflix app. Not only is it missing the Party Play option, but it is also slower to find a movie (probably due to attempting to load a picture from the movie rather than just the cover). It’s really annoying.

    That being said, I am REALLY happy that they finally added subtitles. I watch all of my movies with the subtitles on as I generally miss some of the dialog otherwise.

  • As a Brit I quite like the new interface and as we did not have Netflix on our systems we’ve not lost anything I know if. Don’t think we had Hulu either….

    But still this sounds like an incredibly bad move by MS.


    Millions of Xbox members were shocked to realize that the new Netflix, which was bundled into the latest Xbox360 dashboard update, was complete without the party streaming function. A Microsoft spokesperson stated, “The new app platform on Xbox does not support the video party mode feature at this time, so will not be available in any existing app…”
    Although the new version of Netflix on the Xbox360 dashboard looks great, it does not offer the option to create parties and watch movies with your friends. Also, it no longer offers the ability to activate multiple Xbox consoles by inputting a code on your Netflix account. Instead, in order to activate the console(s) to use as a Netflix device, you must first enter your email address and password. This is a requirement that many members may not be willing to do, especially if the console(s) to be activated are for other people to watch Netflix movies!
    Luckily, there is a way to have both the new version of Netflix and the previous version! With both versions of Netflix, you can simply choose which version you want to use, depending on what you’re doing! For example, to enjoy enhanced features of the new version of Netflix, choose to play the new version. If you want to kick back and watch movies together with other Xbox Live friends, choose the previous version!
    After updating your Xbox360 console with the latest Xbox360 dashboard update, you will notice some amazing new apps! When you click on the Netflix app, you will be alerted that the download has begun. After completing the download, you may be asked to enter your email and password. After this step, you will be taken into the Netflix movie database in which you can choose from thousands of the newest and hottest movie titles! Unfortunately, however, you may notice that any other consoles that were activated under your account may also need your email and password. If you have others who enjoy Netflix on their device but under your account, you may not want to provide them with your email and password, as they will have direct access to your account and personal information on
    • The new Netflix app does not require you to delete the previous Netflix download, nor does it replace it. If you have not already done so, DO NOT DELETE THE PREVIOUS Netflix DOWNLOAD!
    • To access the previous version of Netflix that was already installed on your device before the update, click on the silver Xbox home button on the controller to access the mini-dashboard.
    • Within the mini-dashboard, scroll left once to access the Games tab.
    • Select Quickplay (Note: Quickplay under the Home tab on the dashboard will not work, as it is not the same as theQuickplay within the Games tab!)
    • Within Quickplay, scroll all the way over to the right (All tab).
    • Under the All tab, there will be a list of every download on your storage device.
    • You may notice two Netflix app downloads. The newest version is indicated by a red Netflix logo. The previous version is indicated by a white filmstrip logo. Click on the Netflix app indicated by the white filmstrip logo (Google filmstrip for help with definition).
    • You will be prompted to re-activate the device on but will immediately be interrupted by an error message, which states that the device cannot be registered or some other problem; and will ask you to Try again?. To clear this issue, log onto your account on your computer.
    • Within your Netflix account, click on Manage Netflix ready devices and computers.
    • Click on Disconnect Devices (confirmation will appear).
    • On your Xbox360, click the A button to Try again (if applicable).
    • Now you will have access to the code screen that was hidden in the background by the error message.
    • On your account, click on Activate a device and enter the code into the code box.
    • Click Activate.
    COMPLETE * Netflix will then begin to load, and you will have access to this version, as well as the newer version, if you have installed it. You will also be able to invite other Netflix members to parties and watch movies with other Xbox Live members!
    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:
    Q: What if I already deleted the old version of Netflix?
    A: Good News! You can re-install this version of Netflix only if someone with the previous version invites you to a Netflix party and game. Upon acceptance of the invite, you will receive an error message and will be prompted to download the Netflix game. Click on yes or ok to re-download the previous app and follow the same instructions as listed above!
    Q: Do I have to install the new version of Netflix?
    A: No, downloading the new Netflix app is not required. You can use the previous version by accessing it through the Quickplay selection on the Games tab (described in instructions).
    Q: My friend’s Xbox was activated under my account so that he could watch Netflix, but now he needs my email and password to get onto the new version. I don’t want to give out my information, so what do I do?
    A: Tell him to download the previous Netflix app if he does not already have it. To do this, simply invite him to your Netflix party and game. If you do not have the previous version, follow the instructions!
    *Special thanks to Robert Mason (Xbox Gamertag: RIP BEAST 01) for discovery; and Tremayne Rucker (Xbox Gamertag: treysoosbb) for assistance…

  • When I do what you said about playing the old version it says “Game not found. Insert the game disc or storage device, then try again.”

  • If someone sees this and has it working, please send “Prohakr” an invite so I can get the app. 🙂


  • These steps worked for the first 2 days or so but now everyone seems to be getting that same message. I think they might have done some sort of patch or something so that we cant access the old one

  • Like Chris said, I’m getting the same message now about needing a disc. I guess the big M, really doesn’t want us to have the party feature. Sad.

  • I am 3 states away from my family and watching netflix together with my family on our set days for movie watching was the only reason I got netflix, needless to say if it is not fixed soon we are all cancelling our netflix account. That also includes the movies mailed to us in the mail. Dear Netflix you need to fire who ever is coming up with the dumb idea of providing us with something new and then suddenly taking it away with out warning, this also goes for your price raising. How sad that you once ruled this market and blew your chance at owning the movie watching empire. Thanks to your mistakes blockbuster is making a comeback oh and your apology letter sent to everyone wasn’t really an apology you need to fire that guy who wrote it as well. In your apology email it said we are sorry we didn’t inform you of our prices rising but we feel it was the right thing to do. So basically I recieved it as “We are sorry but not really.” I use to brag to everyone about netflix and how awesome it is, now I don’t even want to be associated with them because things keep going downhill.

  • I have to say. I just got a membership yesterday so I could watch movies with my buds but this has ruined for me. But I’m going to wait and see if this changes before I cancel my membership

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  • I mean if the problem was that people who didn’t have Netflix were watching free Netflix why dont they just make it so where they have party mode but only those with the Netflix account can take part in it