Really busy, but sitting pretty

Don’t you just love when life is so busy that you’re constantly moving from one thing to the next?  I can’t believe anyone would say yes!  I’m in this weird, perfect storm of being busy while not being busy; does that make sense?  I have a ton to do but I know if I just focused I could be completely free for days at a time.  Procrastination is definitely a game I can play well.  Anyway, enough of my rambling.  What games have I been playing?

Battlefield 3. Okay, awesome game.  The Metro map is the same one from Alpha, so I’ve played it plenty, and I firmly believe it’s a silly map to use as the primary map for their open beta.   Problems with Metro: (1) No vehicles, (2) Rush, (3) Small, and (4) It feels like Bad Company 2.  That said, it’s still great.  If you get a chance to play the other map, the one with the rotating passwords with airplanes on conquest mode with 64 players, you’ll be loving every second of the game — I know I do.

Star Wars: The Old Republic.  There is a beta and I am in it.  Finally.

Sitting pretty right now.  Such an awesome next few months ahead for all of us.

  • Gratz on the SWTOR beta. After seeing the two emails that were sent by mistake by Bioware, I thought for a second that I was invited as well. No such luck. Just a screw up on their part.

    This is the first game in a very long time that I really wanted to beta test and I have yet to be selected. There is one good thing about not being selected……I had to think for a second…… at least everything will be brand spanking new on launch day.

  • I’m still a bit pissed at how Bioware/EA treated Europeans in this SW:TOR beta.
    I’m still not in, and no European is yet, even though we are a non negligible part of the player base of MMOs.

    Sad, really.

    But enough bitching, congrats Keen, I hope we’ll get some reports from beta from you.

  • It’s not a hard question to answer:

    Do you like the WoW style MMO with the KOTOR setting of the Starwars IP? If the answer is yes, then you will like it. If you detest the WoW model, then I don’t see how you will stick with the game longer then a couple of months.

    BF3 on the other hand, I can’t describe how good it feels to be amidst the mayhem on a 64 player server again.

  • I got into the SWTOR beta last week and couldn’t figure out how to change any of the graphic settings so it looks like junk.

    I’m not sure I want to play the beta though..MMO betas ruin the real games for me.

  • Unfortunately you balance ‘ruining’ your retail experience vs getting your money stolen by a complete garbage game. Thankfully it shouldn’t take more then a few minutes to realize if something is trash or not these days.

  • @Darkstryke: I agree with that too. I have a philosophy called “The first five minutes.” 8/10 times it has worked for me.

  • Keen you will love it. I know i do. Send a email saying which server you gonna play on. We can hang out and level together, I’ve been in beta for a while.

  • He’s going to give it a ‘meh, voice/story/setting/polish good, actual MMO mechanics – all terrible.

  • That’s fine for you, I just feel that MMO’s being used as ‘disposable time sinks’ is a big let down for what the genre used to stand for. It’s the difference between a fleeting activity and a hobby, one you do just for the sake of killing time for a while, the other you do because you love to do it and keep doing it.

    It basically mirrors how McMMO vs Non-McMMO design philosophy operates.

  • @Dark: “Thankfully it shouldn’t take more then a few minutes to realize if something is trash or not these days.”

    If that was true then AoC was awesome past level 20…

  • @ gankatron: You didn’t need 5 minutes, it was a Funcom game. That’s all that needs saying.

  • Heh, funny you mentioned it, I actually don’t like Metro because it’s not similar enough to BC2 😛
    Then again I’m not looking for mass warfare like most people are, I prefer smallscale tight maps with no vehicles at all. 🙂

  • I’ve already preordered and bought the CE so either way I’m playing it.

    Betas usually burn me out of games or give me unrealistic expectations (RIFT) so I’ll skip the beta. (even if I could get it)

    I think people tend to misuse betas, which are supposed to be testing/checking games for bugs as an opportunity to “play through” games or preview them. I’m not sure when this trend started but it’s rarely to become useful to the community but more as a selfish thing for themselves.

  • I can’t remember t happening any time before WoW, at least in any circle I was familiar with during my beta testing experiences.

  • I recently discovered the joy of tanking on my dwarf pally in WOW, can’t wait to hear your thoughts about tanking in TOR. (When you can talk about stuff like that of course)

  • Please keep us updated on the TOR beta. I know you can’t state details, but you can say it’s awesome or bad…

  • Back in the beta. A few minor improvements since July. They did listen to some of our comments though.