Now this is Battlefield!

I’ve been playing a ton of Battlefield 3 now that Caspian Border is available. Metro was fun, but this is Battlefield. I cut a clip from what I streamed earlier. It’s a short clip; mostly me flying in a jet, pulling Gs, avoiding missiles, and having a blast.

Explosions everywhere, room for squads to advance, vehicles driving by, airplanes and helicopters overhead, and conquest map mode with objectives to take and hold… I missed real Battlefield.

More videos after the jump! 



  • Looks wonderful, I can never fly the aircraft though as I don’t have a joystick and mouse/kb never seemed to cut it.

    I’m strictly a ground-pounder in all these games 🙂

  • So true. This really is Battlefield. Metro was alright, but Caspian really brings it all together. Just played Caspian for the first time today and couldn’t tear myself away. I’ll see if I can get myself into a jet later tonight.

  • Unfortunately they decided against a Steam release, so I won’t be playing this one (I have sworn off Origin).

    For Battlefield it is now there are two things they are never going to fix:

    1. half the team waiting to get in a jet
    2. server browsers

    Now, to fix #1 all they need to do is make the jets spawn in the air. Players queue up to be a pilot and get a 30-60 second timer when a new jet is spawning. They are then transplanted into the jet as it is approaching the airspace (not just put into the vehicle on the ground). Players can also queue up to be gunners (squad mates of the pilot get first dibs).

    For #2… I don’t know. Hire some decent programmers? A server browser cannot be as hard as the Battlefield games make it out to be.