Games of May

We’re going to pick up where we left off with our feature about ‘games coming out that we want to play’ by doing a bi-monthly feature call “Games of [Month]”.  At the beginning of each month we’re going to give you guys a list of the games we’re looking forward to, maybe a little bit of info on the game and/or why we want it, and then at the end of the month give you a wrap up on those games with thoughts from our reviews that we did on those games (if we did one) or general feedback.  This should work out well by giving us some structure to follow while also giving our readers some valuable information.

To kick things off, here are the games of May that we are really looking forward to playing (release dates and our console of choice specified after).  This is going to be a really strong month with games that should help ease any potential summer droughts.

Brink (May 10) (PC, Xbox360, PS3)
No, this is not the Disney Original movie about skate boarding kids!  I’m talking about the shooter game, made by the creators of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, that takes place on a floating city-ship-thing with insane looking jump-over-stuff animations via the ‘SMART’ controls.  The character you play in single-player stays persistent through multiplayer and on dedicated servers (in the PC version) and the character customization looks impressive.  One of the big talking points is how single player and multiplayer are blended together.  Quite honestly, I have no idea what they mean by this, but some of their talk about the multiplayer dedicated servers both intrigues me and confuses me.  It’s 8v8 but given what we saw people do with TF2’s limitations… hopefully it gets upped.  It’s all integrated fully with Steam, so you can’t go wrong there.  Should be great fun for people that enjoy games like TF2, ET, and action shooters.  The biggest debate right now is whether or not Graev will get it on PC with me or go for a console.  We’ll let you know.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (May 10) (Every console and handheld, we’re going with Xbox360)
We just played through Lego Clone Wars and Lego Harry Potter but the itch is still alive.  Lego Pirates will feature all four movies, even the one that doesn’t come out until a week after the game.  From the trailers and TV commercials it’s looking to be one of the better Lego games.  Jack Sparrow is a character that just screams to be Lego’d.  Now all we need is a Lego Lord of the Rings and we can die happy.

Witcher 2 (May 17) (PC)
The first was fun, so hopefully this sequel will deliver.  Graev is flying blind on this one but hopes that it won’t disappoint.  If any game on this list is a risky buy, this will probably be it.

LA Noire (May 17) (Xbox360, PS3)
It’s a Rockstar game with creepy sorta-real facial features… I swear I saw Christopher Walken in the commercial.  Anyway, you play a LAPD officer and try to stop crime in what’s touted as a “perfect recreation of Los Angeles” around 1940.  It’s supposed to pay homage to the film noire stuff, but most people will care more about the gameplay and trying to read the realistic faces to see if people are lying and the usual Rockstar stuff.

Hunted: Demon’s Forge (May 31) (PC, Xbox360, PS3)
We love us some good coop action.  The best thing you can do to understand what this game is about is watch the trailers and gameplay videos..  Seems like some high quality coop action with puzzle solving and leveling crawling to find secrets and kill baddies.

  • Witcher 2 will be better then ALL the games on your, and be the best game of the year, easily. BF3 is its only competition IMO.

  • crap, meant to say “better then ALL the games on your [b]list[/b]”

    no edit 🙁

  • I just remember when Witcher first came out it was really a mixed bag for people. Then the new edition came out that fixed a ton of stuff.

  • Even with performance issues Witcher was great game, with fixes they just removed the anyoing things. Also I dont think that will be problem with second, as they have the recources and time need.

    Anyways as long as lady cards are in the game how can it possibly fail 😀 !

  • forgot Fable 3 for PC. witch has some really interesting updates compared to the 360 version

  • The first Witcher was pretty much an indie game, once they raised some money they eventually fixed the game, this time they already have the funds to make a polished game. Witcher 2 will absolutely kill the rest of those games in the list.

  • Oh I really hope Brink’s player quota / limit doesn’t get upped.

    Not everything needs to be “massive”.

  • Only upped in the same sense that TF2 was upped. Players had the ability to up from 16 players max to 32 or 64 or whatever they wanted. Some of the maps are broken with too many people, but it’s nice being able to play with more people if the maps support it.

  • I’m interested in brink, but at the same time I’m not seeing what would make it an instant buy for me. I’ve heard really nothing of this game until the other day and it looks pretty standard to me. The most interesting thing appears to be char growth in both modes and the customization.

    I still have no idea what platform I would wanna get it on.

  • The Brink movie was rollerbladers not skateboarders gosh.