Continueing my Adventure into the Holy Lands

Level 25 in Asee-Teph Holy Lands

Things are looking up for me in the Holy Lands.  I just dinged level 26 tonight and I’ve been in a great deal more PvP encounters since my last entry.  My character’s spec is still a little messed up and not ideal for pvp in this level range, but I’m holding my own a lot more.  A few gear upgrades and I’m now sitting at 85% more HP and an additional 20% to each of my stats.  This increase has allowed me to kill mobs and players easier.  If I get the jump on someone my level (or +1) then I can get them to half HP before they start laying on the hurt.  If they’re squishy then I usually win.  Psionicists still give me a lot of trouble and Summoners, depending on their spec, are a beast but overall I don’t feel like I’m being annihilated anymore.

My finest PvP moment happened tonight while I was questing. I had just finished killing a mob when suddenly I’m charged by a Warrior.  I popped my pet buff, sicked him on the Warrior with a knockdown and popped my 5 minute cooldown that summons 3 more mini-pets.  My pet debuffed the the Warrior with a vulnerability and I crit pushing the Warrior near death.  Then he shot up a bit in HP and I saw his Priest buddy hiding in the distance.  I circled around a tree to kite the warrior moving him out of line of sight for heals.  The warrior died and then it was time for the Priest.  I was in a rough spot though with about 30% hp left.  I had no potions on me.  I just went nutso on the Priest and got him to 10% HP before he killed me.  I almost killed two people my level!  Turns out the Warrior is one of the biggest trash talkers on the boards – one of those tough guys who knows a lot.  Learning this just made the kill all that more enjoyable.

The quest hubs in Asee-Teph are scattered and mostly unlabeled, positioned on uneven terrain and tucked in corners.  Navigating this place is just plain nasty if you’re not familiar with the territory.  Our faction has started calling the place Vietnam.   I’m planing to make a map showing where all of the quest hubs are at and where you’ll find mobs that are harder to find.  It should come in handy since 50% or more of my time has been spent wandering aimlessly trying to figure stuff out.

I’m managing a little more than a level a day at this point.  Not nearly as fast as some but it’s a comfortable pace.  I hope to be finished in Asee-Teph within the next couple of days and then move on to Eljune.

  • Something else to realize about the Holy Lands is that even just traveling from one end of it to the other is an accomplishment in itself (even more so when more players start filling the zone). For example, going from the League port on the north end of the allod to the southern end isn’t a straight line trip. It’s more like a maze and obstacle course with a myriad of mobs and enemy PvP to watch out for. Thus once you get to the southern shore, you really want to make the most of your time there, as you can’t just easily port out and back again.

    Also I think the nickname of “Vietnam” for the zone really fits well because once you get deep into the southern jungles of it, you’re on your own. Thus cresting a ridge or walking around a massive tree, you might be confronted by a group of enemy players, a massive elite mob that hits like a freight train, or a friendly allied player which you might want to pair up to help each other out.

    It’s funny because you’ll often see movement in the distance before knowing if it’s friend or foe. Thus you’ll get excited and shout “Incoming!”, only to relax, laugh, and wave as the player turns out to be friendly passing through the area.

  • “How long do you play each day to get that level?”

    heartlessgamer: For myself, it was about four hours a day.

    Day 1: Lvl 1-7
    Day 2: Lvl 7-10
    Day 3: Lvl 10-12
    Day 4: Lvl 12-14
    Day 5: Lvl 14-16

    And so on, so basically 2 levels per day after 10th lvl and theoretically you could get to 20th lvl in a week (7 days). For people with less time, you could probably play just a couple of hours each day and progress 1 level per day.

  • @heartlessgamer: I’ve been putting in at least 3 hours per day of uninterrupted leveling. Add more time to that if I die a lot, get lost, help friends, or decide to spend half the day wandering around pvping. From 1-23 I could pull off 2 levels per day easily. Now it’s 1 per day.

  • I just dinged 20 tonight. I dinged 19 last night. I play really slowly, so a level a day would be easy for most.

    Mrs Bhagpuss has done about 5 levels since I came home last night. She is grinding away now with no Fatigue because she is addicted !!

  • Hey, so I’m downloading Allods Online as we speak, and I was hoping maybe you could post a small guide for 1-10, and etc etc?

    I never personally liked WoW too much, because it got boring.

    This game looks promising :).

  • I am downloading it as well. I belive that our hopes for a MMO are on niche titles, rather than on mainstream ones.

  • One downside that I’m noting about the Holy Lands PvP experience is that your level and gear seem to make a huge difference to your ability to interact effectively, both against other foes and even in terms of just healing other guildies who are a higher level than you.

    Based upon my solo experience yesterday, this lack of ability to interact “effectively” has made me return to Tenebra to level up, probably to at least 25th level before I return to the Holy Lands again. By that time though, I’m sure there will be a lot more 30th lvl players and at 25th level, all I can do is basically turn tail and run. This is the one of my frustrations with MMO PvP in general and it’s one thing that I believe that Warhammer did right, in that you get “normalized” to the zone area in terms of level/health (but you still lack the full abilites a higher level character would have).

  • Besides builds, there really aren’t many choices in the game. So not much in the way of pointers, but here are a few:

    1. Never play without fatigue
    2. When you are eligible to grind rep, grind it. (blue gear)
    3. Chests are daily, there are 2 available by lvl 8.(league)
    4. Mob XP isn’t significant, so group up for quests.

  • Are you plaing on server with name ISA ? Because I can’t find a character named Keen there…