Allods Online Interview

A couple of months ago, about the time I started writing about Allods, Gala-Net contacted me and offered the chance to submit some questions to them for an interview.  Long story short, it’s taken a while to get these questions back and I’ve since then revised the questions sent to them.  It did take a little longer than I would have liked, and as a result many of these questions are either already common knowledge or irrelevant, but we do know that there are bigger fish and also that these are very busy times.  Some of these questions are still quite interesting as they provide a basis from which to expect and/or judge the actions of gPotato during the next few months.

The questions were answered by Community Manager Katelyn Olmstead (aka InaraKatt) and Shelby Goad (aka Miss_Sadie).   We appreciate the interview and their time and would like to congratulate them in reaching the Open Beta milestone.

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