Aion 1.5 Patch Trailer

This sums up why I’m really looking forward to Aion.  The first two minutes of the video show lots, and lots, and lots of PvE content.  I believe, but can’t be sure, that most of this content is what they added in patch 1.5.  The ship scene is a new dungeon that I recognize being explained in the patch notes.  The rest of the video seems to show the Abyss… or some area where people are fighting Balaur and other players. Obviously I don’t know a lot about it, but it looks neat and like it would be fun to play through – that’s all that matters to me.

Today is also the CBT#5. I’ll be playing all weekend and giving my thoughts on the new English voice overs as well as any changes I come across. Things are shaping up to be a very fun filled weekend.

  • Ok. This trailer just got me excited about this game again which I haven’t been for months. THIS is what I wanted Aion to be for me. Good Ol dungeon crawling with friends.

    There was so much emphasis on the PvP everywhere it seemed with this game that it left me mostly unenthused.

    Awesome find thank you!

    Now to get past this damn patcher that is getting bombarded. 30k/s is horrible! There must be a ton more people DLing this time around.

  • Anyone that tells you Aion is mostly a PvP game is pretty wrong. The game has so much PvE content too. The PvP crowd is out in force trying to scare off the people who like to PvE. Give it 3 months and those tards will be off in their next game while the people who like PvE will be enjoying the longevity it provides on top of a great PvP game.

    The patcher is slow. It will build up if you let it run. I started at 40kb last night and it built up to about 75kb. I think they have it capped.

  • Have you seen this new orange Aion logo, the stick figure with a sword and a shield? 😛 (00:23)

    The Video shows “Dark Poeta”. Basically, newbieland overrun by demons. And some of the fabled Balaur treasure dungeons under the fortresses in the Abyss, and the instance in the “Dreadgion” (IMO).

  • Awesome,looks like Aion will have a good balance between PvE and PvP…Ok,I pre-ordering this game 🙂

  • That is the first video of Aion to make me consider it, but that’s a video’s job. The game looks good but I think I’m going to sit this one out on the fence still. I’m sure Keen will let me know how the game is along with everyone else on every gaming board across the interwebs.

  • Here’s hoping its not another disappointment. Now, how do I convince my old WOW raiding guild to jump? They are pretty set in their ways, lol. Only got about 1/5 of them to try WAR, and we know how that went…

  • Wow Nobs you took the words right ata my mouth. Same with me, first thing I have seen yet that has slightly interested me in the game. Also agree, that was a great video.

  • 15k a second on the update as the beta opens. Shame on me for not checking the news and attempting to update the game last night. I was so exited to play at 3pm est, but looks like I won’t be able to join until much later.

    Nice video, but it’s reading about it that made me want to play it. The video’s seem to be just about eye candy. Its the mechanics and polish I want.

  • That video put me over the edge, I’m going to preorder tonight. See you online.

  • Keen, if you want to play an awesome game, you need to look into Tera. It is going to be simply amazing. Its from most of the dev crew from Lineage 2. Its going to have a strong focus on politics and player-ran economics. It is going to kinda be like mortal online/darkfall in the sense u aim ur magic and stuff.

    They were the dev team making Lineage 3 and they got fired because they were going in the “wrong direction” and from what I have seen from recent L2 updates and Aion.. the “right direction” in NCsofts mind is WOW CLONE. I am sick of WoW clones and Aion looks to be another. They started their own company, took most of the coding and stuff from Lineage 3 and renamed it into Tera, it is going to be amazing. And coming out pretty soon too! early 2010 hopefully.

  • The video is the high end dungeon Dark Poeta, the PVPVE instance Dreadgion, and the Shugo pirate ship. All of them are new 1.5 instances. The game will launch with about as many endgame dungeons as WOTLK, maybe even a couple more, although almost 2/3 of them will be gated by factional fortress control. And there also won’t be any instanced multi-group raiding, although many world and fortress bosses will take more than one group.

    As far as warning off PVE-ers… I really am more of a PVE guy myself, but everyone should understand that there are no PVE ruleset servers, there will be some grind during the final levels, the instances won’t start until level 25 (30 right now), and the endgame instances have ~1/day lockouts to keep you out in the real world. Also, the first couple leveling zones are well done but are also very standard, linear fantasy diku. And anyone who is totally sick of that, I can’t imagine Aion’s PVE fixing it.

    I just want to keep those disclaimers on the game. Seems like most of the complaints on forum after forum are people who want something revolutionary from level 1. Well, the only thing that really might set this game apart for those folks is the world PVP – assuming it all works out.

  • @Keen 2megs a second is a lot better than 15k 😀 Got it updated and ready to go. Thanks for the link and your assistance to get my Aion fix MUCH quicker!!

  • That was…bizarre. I couldn’t make head nor tail of the video, but then I can hardly ever follow gameplay videos, even ones for games I’ve actually played.

    They never seem to bear any ressemblance to what I see in game. They always seem tobe shot from some notional neutral point of view, whereas when I’m playing two thirds of what’s on screen would probably be behind me and the other third I wouldn’t see because I’d be looking at my hotbars.

    Does anyone actually have an in-game experience that even vaguely approximates these promos? It would be more representative of my MMO life if a three minute clip featured 90 seconds of me sorting my inventory, selling to NPC vendors and putting stuff in my bank, 30 seconds of me checking the broker/AH, 20 seconds travelling and finally just over half a minute of a mouse-pointer clicking on icons on a hotbar.

  • Nice vid! I´m still getting this game at release :p. Wich should be soon =D. Hopefully I can convince some WoW guildies to join me, as that is mostly the only reason im still playing.

  • @Bhagpuss: This is a preview video for the most recent patch. I think it will be hard to find any North American players with experience in these places.

  • I know what Bhag is saying. I can tell you that most of the game is spent zoomed out at a 45 degree angle and a lot of the ground textures are well below the game’s graphical par.

  • When watching the video I could not help but think the game looked like Final Fantasy and Guild Wars had a baby. The eastern influence if very noticeable, I might get it but I am not sure yet.

    Applying the 3-month rule to this game seems like a good idea, since so much can change along with end-game content.

  • It’s a good rule for any MMO. I’m justifying it to myself this way: the game will have been out for close to a year in Korea when it launches. There will be some things that we discover that rub the western audience the wrong way, but we can be sure there won’t be an AoC-style endgame debacle.

    Plus there won’t be anything else for months and months.

  • @Nissl Well if 4 months for Global Agenda is considered months and months, but I suppose that’s only if you like first/third person shooter games.

  • Ran out of steam in the beta after running out of quests at level 13. I do think they realize that a western audience will not tolerate even a single pure grind session in the current MMO market, as patch 1.5 is supposed to add rested exp, increase exp per quest, and add more quests in general. Not much point in me trying the content til we get that though since I’m not grinding half a level to catch up to the quest levels.

    Supposedly you can make up some levels if you craft a lot, though. I didn’t feel like getting too far into that in beta, though.

    Keen, are you going to create a guild at launch? If so, are you going Asmodean? I’m not sure I can really stand to play Elyos.

  • I play with a community of people that I have come to call my friends. We’re helping to form a guild. I won’t be leading it, but I will at the very least be an active member. We’re playing Asmodian for sure.

  • @Kalath – Not sure how u ran out of quests at lvl 13, I’ve played until lvl 23 this weekened and never once was able to complete all quests in 1 city b4 I had a ton to start in another city. Honestly coming from a game like L2, grindfest is the least I’ve seen from this game. I’ve gained quite a few quests from npc’s scattered about in the wilderness.

  • Since PvP doesn’t occur until Level 25 (excluding the practice arenas), is Aion technically a PvE game with higher-level PvP?

    It looks awesome and fans of Final Fantasy and other Asian inspired games should be excited. I’ll probably give this a go to see how it is.

  • @Krosuss – Simply put, I would agree with you, although, You will be able to pvp earlier than lvl 25 with rifts (rips in space that transport u to the other sides zone) being available to both sides once u hit the lvl 20+ city. I was pvp’n at lvl 21 by going through a rift. After lvl 20 the game pretty much becomes what u make of it, U can pve your way to the end or u can pvp your way to the end. Or for the best benefit, do both! The difference being, the endgame is really PVPVE because you can be pvp’n and here comes the NPC Faction, and depending on who has the advantage will help the other side! So not only do u have to fight another player, but u have to keep watch out for the NPC’s and wonder who they are gonna help.