You got some Camelot in my Warhammer!

I thought this was really cool and work sharing with everyone.   If you go into the arena in the Inevitable City, make your way to the northern part of the floor, then go east you’ll see a set of floating rocks that you can jump on to get to a floating portal.  If you go into the portal you will be teleported to random places then be teleported back.  One of the places in particular is Camelot, the Albion capital from Mythic’s previous game Dark Age of Camelot.  This brings back a lot of great memories.  There are several places to go including the moon, an island in the sky, and Camelot.

Kudos to Mythic for including such a neat easter egg in a mmorpg.  Pictures were taken by Bartlebe.


  • aww, we tried that a few nights back, I got warped to the same lame boring town 3 times 🙁 buddy got warped to a place with red skies and a purple ocean though…

  • @ Ramble:

    That mod is called ClearUnitFrames, but FAR means the person is in another zone, so it’s not as helpful as you think.

  • Noticed this in open beta with some guildies. Didn’t play Camelot though so I didn’t understand it :D.

  • Hey Keen, do you know if brent from wall of text deleted his blog, i can’t get onto it. Says it’s no longer there 😮

    Can’t find any info about him changing IP etc 🙂



  • I’ve been playing DAoC for about a year, and coming in as newb, I fell in love with it from the word ‘go.’
    (Why do people compain about the graphics? It’s the most gorgeous world I’ve ever seen in an MMO. So, it’s more realistic than cartoon-y. That’s really quite a good thing, as far as I’m concerned. Somehow I just can’t get as immersed in a world that’s like a bad anime; except a bad anime wouldn’t require me to zone every other minute. –I tried Guild Wars II yesterday and, while it may be a fine game if one can deal with the pain of getting to wherever that part is, I gave up after a half an hour of quests that made zone three times to go the IRL equivalent of a quarter-mile in its little “world.” More like worldlet beads strung together by the mandatory tedium of staring at a screen loading. DAoC is actually an actual sandbox world, and it’s enormous and feels that way. The motionless staring at the screen I do is to admire the views. Me like. I don’t mind that my female characters’ breasts aren’t so enormous they’d get me a medical discharge from any real combat, though — ymmv. 😉

    Yes, I missed the glory days completely, but they must have been like one long orgy with free imported beer, if the current state of the game is so lacking compared to them. Too bad I wasn’t there, but I’m glad I made it eventually anyway.