I am… The Validated

If you log into your master account at accounts.eamythic.com and validate your email address then you will be given a spiffy in-game title “The Validated”.

So get out there and validate those emails so you too can be… er… validated!

Lately I’ve been rolling my eyes at stuff like this.  I find the whole “buy Red Alert 3 and get a title!” or the “validate your email and get a title” to be a little overkill on the whole title system.  Yes, we know you have the ability to give people titles now and they’re a cornerstone of the Tome of Knowledge’s reward system but let’s not go overboard please.  It starts to lose its cool factor.  It’s not just Mythic though, we’re seeing a lot of the gimicky stuff popping up.

Maybe I’m being a little nit picky since this doesn’t harm anyone that free crap is being given out but the speed at which I can look at something as being “cool” to nothing more than a bag full of nicknacks like you would get from a 6yr old’s party is startling.

Maybe I’m just grumpy that classes started today. 😉

  • heh.. must be grumpy or anxious/impatient for War to get rolling.. you know how it is today.. people wont validate unless they feel they are rewarded for it someway.. this is the cheapest easiest way for them to confirm an email and give out something 🙂

  • LOL! No worries, man.

    Maybe this stuff is is still a thrill for those still new to gaming but for us, I guess we have become a little jaded over time.

    On the other hand, given British humor, they do take things a bit over board at times – maybe they invented the whole “running gag” bit – who knows! As a Monty Python fan, I do appreciate the ridiculousness of taking a comedic bit as far as it will go 🙂


  • Titles are a bit silly to me too, but hey it’s something for the trouble of validating your email. Mythic made a few changes to their accounts page so they thought up a creative way to get people to go and make sure their info was up to date. To me, this is a good idea since the open beta and launch are happening in the next two weeks.


  • Maybe somebody can help me I pre-orderd the collectors editon which if i am correct gave me a code for open beta. where then do i download the game if i am correct and when can i begin download?

  • @chance .. i believe you can still download it from fileplanet and you should be able to download it whenever you want…

  • I like that they did this, and I want to thank you for letting it be known, because I probably would of never found this since I don’t login to my account page.

    I think they should try and limit the fun cool titles you get from stuff like this. It’s adds a nice Easter egg element to the game I think. So if they do stuff like this every few months I think it’s fine.

  • not gonna lie i like getting the party bags from 6 year old parties (._.) i like my nicknaks sometimez u get candy or a mini squirt gun

  • We’re all cranky and irritable because we’re suffering from withdrawal and no other game can scratch the itch. 🙁

  • I work at a University and let me just say that now that classes are back in session, the view has drastically improved around here! Here here for the apparent short-short dress code that appears to have been implemented for this semester! 😉

  • […] Keen’s upset that Mythic is handing out a title for nothing more than just validating your e-mail address with their account system. I think it’s an ingenious way to get people to verify their address, but he does have a point. Before the game even launches, whatever worth a title has is taken down a notch. I doubt very much that, a month or so after launch, titles will hold actual weight to them, other than being a textual dressing of your character’s appearance. […]

  • @Snagzf: There are times I think that it would be worth the pay cut to go work at one of the local universities. If only for the the view.

    As for the topic. It is cute. And I like cute in my games.

  • erm on a off note but did ya see the open beta patch notes keen. renown rank 75 and 80 give you 2 mastery points each giving a total of 29 at cap!

  • I tried to creat a master acount with my beta code but it wouldn’t accept it….i should be worrring perhaps? :S

  • ‘Update’ I fished around Warhammer Allience and lo and behold i’m not alone, seems Mythic should make a note somewhere, especially when ppl can enter codes in the beta center acounts and confusing/scaring ppl. i’ll continue waiting till the 15th…wonder if holding my breath for that long has any side effects?

  • You have two choices:
    a) rename this blog to be WAR
    b) spend time talking about other games

    There is great writing here, and you know gaming…but it’s time to stop being such WAR homers.

  • @Chris: You have two choices

    a) Get over it and realize it’s our blog and we’ll continue writing about the games we play or
    b) Leave. 🙂

    Seriously, let’s look at the last few posts on the blog just for kicks. Of the 8 being shown, 3 are not WAR specific, 2 have nothing to do with WAR, two are analytical and can be applied to other mmorpgs, and one is actually a negative rant about silly titles in WAR and other gaming gimmicks.

    What would you have me post about? Something I’m not playing? Something I’m not looking forward to? Aggregate the news from other website and other blogs? No thanks. I’ll stick to writing about what interests me.

    @Jaspr: Probably business with an emphasis on marketing. I say probably because I’m at that point where I can easily switch and I haven’t 100% made up my mind.

  • Keen and co, i havnt heard much details on classes or balance yet, could you do somoething on how usefull tanks will be, i normally am Mr Tank but in a game with a lot of PVP/RVR how usefull will tank actually be – apart from using collision to block/form bottlenecks etc.

    @lonewind as you are a fan of brit humour let me try…

    An mmo about working in a coffee house would not be popular….(there would me too much grinding)(of beans)

    If you played an MMO about the Titanic, would you be sunk by an Ice-Zerg?