WAR Healers are going to be serious fun

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Check that out!  That’s a Disciple of Khaine (The Dark Elf Healing Class) in action!  The Disciple is dual wielding swords and fighting in what appears to be a hybrid style of weapon combos and spells.  I’ve watched this video several times and come to the conclusion that these spells are acting as a form of debuff on the creature and at times transferring health to the Disciple.  We already know from official sources that the DoK will heal his allies by draining the life force from his enemies.  Seeing it in action this close really brings to life exactly what Mythic is shooting for in their game.

Healing classes aren’t going to be healbots.  Each of the healing classes (Archmage, Shaman, Runepriest, DoK, etc) will heal by dealing damage.  The amount of healing they do is directly related to the damage that they deal.  This means that healers are not going to be sitting back and watching the action; no, they’re going to be in it.  I have played healing classes in every mmorpg.   I’ve healed in raid dungeons, 6 mans, PvP, RvR, and in every single game it’s the same: people fight and you heal them.  Finally a chance to get in there and kick some butt!  And on top of being damage dealers and having to participate actively in combat, healers get renown points for healing AND dealing damage.  I’m hoping that these incentives really bring the healing classes to life.

  • Cooooool beans.

    Hey Keen, since you’re Mr. Warhammer Vault, maybe you can answer this for me — my Google Reader just flagged a post from the Vault about Mark Jacobs, but when I clicked on it to read it, there was no post or evidence of that post on the Vault. Is this an article they posted, then deleted? It was called “The Art Of Saying Nothing During An Interview”.

  • As a WoW fan and certified carebear, it is devolopments like that that seriously test my resolve when it comes to this game. I will never be any good as a PvP player. But if WAR makes PvP as fun and easy to jump into as all accounts indicate, I will have to give it a try.

  • I had to self edit here, was going to post a bunch of leaked beta info on the healers but I know you don’t want that here. Short version – Warrior Priest, Disciple of Khaine, Goblin Shaman, Archmage = awesome. The other two? Time will tell.

  • It’s great to see an attempt here to give healers more than healing alone, but my main concern/question would be whether this type of healing is the character’s primary source of healing. If it is, then great, whilst i imagine their dps would be serverly lower than most to avoid imbalancing them it at least gets healers involved. If however it isn’t their primary source of healing and they have more powerful healing spells, then whilst this dps+heal will be great solo, in groups, I would imagine it would quickly revert to what is usually seen where healers are forced to stay back and heal.

    Without wanting to compare to WoW (but lacking a better comparison), they have the Priest class which when Shadow speced dps’s, with his dps healing his group. However if you want a healer, then the priest goes Holy and dps’es

  • My concern is: what about the healers who just WANT to sit in the back and heal? I know one example of this is my guild leader’s girlfriend in WoW, she plays a priest. She created that character because she wants to heal. She doesn’t want to do dps. She wants to heal. I created a paladin because I wanted to stand in the back and heal. I have no interest whatsoever in DPSing. There is one fight in Black Temple where she gets angry because you have to take control of a ghost and DPS other ghosts and her thoughts were “If I wanted to be a mage, I would have rolled mage.” Where is a place for people like us in WAR?

  • @JW: Everything I’ve read, watched, heard, and been told points to healers all having to deal damage and participate in combat for their heals to be most effective. Keep in mind there are three paths of mastery for every class and one of those could improve heals or damage. That remains unknown.

    @Mordiceius: See above. I really believe that if you want to sit back and only heal you might either 1) be out of luck or 2) have to go the route of healing in career masteries (if such a line even exists).

  • @Mordiceius: Then the Zealot or Runepriest are for you. The flex healers have less emphasis on damage dealing and more emphasis on healing, buffing, and debuffing. They certainly CAN do good damage in combat, but unlike the Warrior Priest they don’t HAVE to. Warrior Priest healing is pretty mediocre unless they’re in the fight mixing things up.

    @JW: Currently healers deal less damage than the ‘pure’ dps classes, but not severely less. Most estimates put them at around 70-80% dps. Keep in mind that all mastery specs for healers will have healing and damage effects. There’s none of WoW’s ‘heal tree, pvp tree, or damage tree’ nonsense. Rather WAR will have a single target heal (and damage) tree, an aoe/group heal (and damage tree), and a heal-over-time (and damage) tree. Note those are completely fictitious examples, I don’t know what they really are. EA Mythic’s announced intention is for every mastery tree to be viable for both pve and pvp, but have different situational strengths and weaknesses.

  • Well, now I have to correct myself. Apparently the mastery trees are more WoW-like than originally promised. The Warrior Priest has a healing tree, a damage tree, and a buffing tree. The buffing and damage trees have damaging abilities, but the healing tree does not. I could have sworn they ‘promised’ to make all masteries viable in all roles, but already I can see groups looking for heal or buff mastery Warrior priests for groups while the damage mastery ones become the shadow priests of WAR.

  • this game looks a little outdated to me. but cant comment on gameplay or classes coz i never read anything bout it and its first time i see footage of this game

  • Heres all the support/healer/kickass classes.


    Dwarf Runepriest Greenskin Goblin Shaman
    Empire Warrior Priest Chaos Zealot
    High Elf Archmage Dark Elf Disciple Of Khaine

  • Here’s a quick overview of healers from the knowledge I’ve gathered.

    As far as dmg/healing goes.. a good mix of dmg/healing is the most “efficient”, however a shaman or archmage that spends the entire fight healing will heal slightly better than a dmg/healing archmage. Wish I could find the video that goes over this.

    Primary Healers(Mostly Heals) – Runepriest/Zealot: These guys are your typical sit back and heal/buff guys.

    Ranged DPS/Healers – Shaman/Archmage: These guys can build high magic and waaagh by using DPS spells, these two “pools of power” will then be used up when casting heal spells, making the healing spells more powerful.

    Melee Healers – Warrior Priest/DoK: Similar concept to the archmage and shaman.

    I don’t have the beta, this is just information I’ve gathered from watching countless videos and what not. A more detailed post can be found here: