Mortal Online

Hah! I knew if I waited long enough I would find something to post about today. It only took until 8pm. *looks around* anyone still with me? A new mmorpg was announced today titled Mortal Online under development by a newer company named Star Vault.

Controlled from a first-person perspective, Mortal focuses on player-versus-player combat and ditches the genre’s traditional leveling system. Instead, players will gain new skills by advancing along a skill tree, with some skills learned passively over time and some of requiring experience to earn.

Scheduled for a summer 2009 release, the title has been in development since early 2002, though Star Vault project says it “really took off” in 2005. A beta program is expected as launch approaches, though no further details are available.

Interesting. A mmorpg that sounds truly twitch. I’m intrigued by this recent movement toward skill based play instead of a traditional mechanic driven system. Perhaps it will be the next step for mmorpgs. I’ll know for sure when I get to play Age of Conan which is currently going with a pseudo-twitch style. The video of the game looks amazing but I expect nothing less from the UE3.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the development process and of course sharing with you all any details I find.


  • It’s been in development since 2002? Does that make it the 2nd longest period of development for an upcoming game, right behind Duke Nukem Forever?

    Anyway, I don’t like this tendency towards twitchy MMOs. If I want a twitchy game I’ll play some Halo 3 or Unreal Tournament. Actually, now that I think about it, I just don’t like twitchy RPGs, even single player ones. No thanks.

  • I think it’s a great change from the increasingly mundane combat and gameplay of the “traditional” mmorpgs. In theory it sounds great but how it feels in practice upon implementation could be an entirely different thing.

  • Awesome. The art and animations look incredible so far.

    I knew it wasn’t American from the first screen. That had me worried it was Japanese or Korean (I haven’t enjoyed a JRPG in a long time), but I guess it’s Swedish. I happen to know a lot of Swedes, so maybe this will give us an excuse to game together.

    Anyway, I’ve never seen true darkness in a game. Awesome. And true action is always welcome, even if it means I’ll get humiliated by other players. Thanks for the pointer.

  • @Graktar

    Sorry to say, but twitch-based combat is the future of all video games, whether they are MMOs or whatever. Turn-based and statistic-based games will be replaced as the technology allows for more dynamic, user-controlled systems.

    Gamers, as a majority, are getting tired of being spectators when playing RPGs. Frankly, I’ve been tired of it for years and years now.

  • you are only tired while 10 million players still paying wow :)and im one of them. RPG=target and cast spells.if you find it tiring then play other genre games,FPS,action etc.thats why games are categorized in genres.nub