1 hour long WAR Presentation from Paris

This is a video courtesy of Onlinewelten.com of Jeff and Josh’s presentation from the Paris event. It’s about an hour long and so far it’s very interesting (I’m about halfway through it myself). Enjoy!

Videos from the various panels are available now:

  • I enjoyed the video. There really wasn’t anything new if you’re like me and refresh every WAR website on the net every 10 minutes. Their presentation did a nice job of sorta combining all the information from the past few months+ (Especially class, city, and guild info). This will be a nice resource to link to when people have questions like “What is the game about?”.

  • Call me when they go into that sort of detail with the Dwarves and the Greenskins.

  • Thanks for the links. I wasn’t excited about the comic before, but I am now that I know it provides the setting for all the races of the game. The artbook is still my favorite part of the CE, though.

    That main video showed a lot of things I hadn’t seen before. For example, I had read about characters getting bigger as they gain experience, but it’s different actually seeing it. Being able to recognize veterans at just a glance is awesome.

    …as is being able to topple player monuments in the enemy city and bring back trophies from them. Having the monuments in the first place is sweet, but making a trophy of another player’s head takes it to a whole new level! 🙂