Warhammer Online Pre-order box Revealed!

Commence drooling now!

Guaranteed access to Open Beta
Two Bonus Items
Earlier access to retail servers 

WAR preorder box   WAR preorder box  WAR preorder box

It’s not the U.S. version but it’s safe to assume that it will be identical.  /afk drooling.

Credit goes to War-Welten, a German site.

  • Bah, access denied by my work’s web filter. Sometimes that thing makes no sense. Actually, frequently it makes no sense. I can’t access some blogs on your list because the web filter has them marked as porn. 0.o

    Anyway, the announcement is nice and all, but where can I plunk my money down? Once I have it pre-ordered I can hopefully forget about the game until open beta.

    Speaking of which . . . guaranteed access to OPEN beta? Umm. If it’s limited invitation, is it really open? Or is this open in the ‘no NDA’ sense?

  • Mythic’s open beta’s have always been somewhat different from the “let everyone in” open beta’s that some games have. Open beta for WAR will be invite only, and I assume the NDA would be down at that point.

  • I think someone translated that they are a Ring and a Camp that lets you rest any time with your friends. The accuracy of that information is unknown.

  • Turns out that this was a pretty big leak of information that was intended to be announced next week in a convention in Paris. Mark Jacobs had this to say:


    Kobayashi Maru.

    In other words, no matter what I say on this issue, it’s a no-win scenario. And unlike Kirk, I can’t reprogram the Internet.

    And no, this is not an early April’s Fool joke, I’m not Void, we neither authorized a release/leak, leaked anything ourselves, hinted, encouraged, etc. any leak. Given that we have a show in Europe next week, the last thing we would have wanted is something like this to happen now. You’ll have to wait till next week for the official pre-order/CE release information and then I’ll be happy to discuss *exactly* what is in our CE.

    I will say, as I’ve been saying all along, that when I can talk about the CE/pre-order program, I think you guys will be very happy. I’m glad, after reading through this thread two or three times (and taking a few deep breaths) that you guys seem to be liking what they say is our pre-order/CE program/box.

    As to our Asian partners, nothing I can talk about for those territories yet, not even next week.

    Some days my job really sucks…


  • I am usually a slave to reviews as well as a die-hard “buy something after its released to make sure it sells well” person BUT with this game, I am seriously thinking about making an exception.

    I also never buy CE things as well but then again, with this game, I think I might just have to break the trend. This is to good or a box set and the game looks to be to fricken sweet for me to resist.

    Also: I love our games last night. You and your brother are really good. I felt like I was on top of my game. I managed to sqeeze out some wins with game and watch!

  • More information on the items:

    Knight’s Portable Camp: “receives your tired soul and heals your wounds between battles.”

    Guards of the Amber Ring: “improves your attributes” and casts “Touch of Earth”

  • I might have too, although he’s been really busy and actually has had the questions for a while. He had a chance to answer last week, so that’s when I posted it but the questions were a little older than that.

    @Aaron – Thanks for the pimpage. 😀

  • hey, i just got my english preorder box.
    the items are as followed:
    Rittenbach’s portable camp – Rest your weary soul and heal your wounds between battles.

    Sentinels Amber Band – Enhanceyour stats and cast “Touch of Earth,” increasing your chance of doing additional corporeal damage with each hit.