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The Classes of Pantheon

Pantheon's August newsletter revealed the last of the classes the upcoming MMORPG will have available at launch. Do they remind you of anything?

  • Summoner
  • Wizard
  • Enchanter
  • Druid
  • Cleric
  • Shaman
  • Ranger
  • Rogue
  • Monk
  • Warrior
  • Dire Lord
  • Paladin
  • If you answered, "those are the classes in EverQuest," then you'd be exactly right! I find parallels interesting, especially since most of them appear to have the same names. There are a couple of differences, though.

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    Who Should Pull Mobs?

    Here's a great question for you guys.

    Who should pull mobs for the group if there is no dedicated pulling class - Crowd Control, DPS with aggro drop ability (Smoke bomb, FD etc.), the main tank or another option?

    First, I have to stop and appreciate for just a minute how awesome a game is when there are actually pulling classes.

    For a pulling class to exist, that means there must first be a mechanic which requires a group to sit back and brings mobs to it rather than faceroll through everything or 'play through' content.

    Then you have to actually have a class with uniquely designed abilities that aren't homogenized across all of the other classes and "core" archetypes like healer, tank, and dps. When there's a puller class, there's also typically a CC class and a support class that isn't a healer, and chances are class variety and role filling is quite varied too.

    Now to the question.

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    Max Setting Graphics or Performance Gameplay?

    I think this is a really important topic for MMORPGs. Do graphics matter more than performance? Do you have to have maxed out graphics to enjoy the game? Do graphics themselves even matter -- if so, how much? 

    Pantheon's Twitter strikes again with a great question on this subject.

    Do you crank the graphics up to max in the games you play for the best visual experience or are you more of a performance type of player with low to medium settings?
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    MMORPGs and Realism

    Today's question from the Pantheom MMO team is all about realism.

    How real to life do you like your MMORPGs to be, is there a limit between how much game worlds should include real-world elements and if so, what are they in your opinion? - Pantheon Twitter

    I strongly prefer fantasy games over sci-fi, or modern games. Within fantasy I highly prefer "high fantasy" with lots of magic. So naturally, my answer to this question is going to lean way towards the side of very little if any 'reaslism'.

    The problem with adding realism into a game, particularly a MMORPG, is that the realism added ends up being the tedium of life we're all trying to escape. There's also the inability to translate pleasure.

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    Challenge in MMOs Today

    The Pantheon Twitter account has become a fountain of content for me to blog about. On days where I'm wondering if there's anything worth talking about in the MMOsphere, I can always open up Twitter now and have something to say.

    Here's the newest topic for discussion.

    "Have today's MMORPGs watered down the genre too far, has the challenge been removed beyond repair, and how do you think this will effect MMORPGs in the future?"

    I'll break this into three questions:

    1. Have today's MMORPGs watered down the genre too far?
    2. Has the challenge been removed beyond repair?
    3. How do you think this will effect MMORPGs in the future?
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    MMO Nostalgia: Do We Suppress the Bad and Favor the Good?

    Nostalagia. I think that's a favored form of slander by those in the MMO Modernism movement. The question being posed today is one dealing with nostalgia.

    Nostalagia - Are we favouring the good memories while suppressing the bad memories we had of past MMORPGs and is that hurting the genre or is this what the genre needs?

    Google defines nostalgia as:

    a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

    Nostalgia is not a false recollection of the past or a tainted perspective.

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    Do You Use Add-ons?

    I like these questions from the Pantheon Twitter. Keep them coming guys. They recently asked the following question.

    Do you use add-ons (Dps and Aggro meters, Healer helpers etc.) in other MMORPGs and if so, what do you like about them?

    I've been at this a long time. In the past 10+ years you guys know I have never been a fan of addons in general. I download addons typically to fix a problem or add a feature that is missing and should be a feature of the native UI. So naturally the very idea of addons has a negative connotation in my mind.

    I also categorize Add-ons into different categories.

    1. Feature Adding
    2. Aesthetic Customization
    3. Gameplay Altering
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    How Do You Deal with Camps and Griefers

    The Patheon twitter asks yet another question I feel inclined to write up into a full post. Their latest question raises a tough point that many of us old school mmo vets will know all too well.

    Scenario: You're happily camping a named mob after waiting patiently to get the camp from someone else, along comes a random player who just starts competing for the named spawn, you ask them to stop and they ignore you - what do you do?
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