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Expeditions Feel A LOT Like PvP

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My tank buddy (Yotor) and I have been grinding out the dungeons and expeditions the past two days. We went into a few expeditions, and I really wasn’t prepared for how crazy the NPC’s would act.

By crazy I mean they behave just like players. They jump around, spin in circles, focus on healers, interrupt, cc, you name it. These are some superbly coded NPCs. There was one in particular tonight in a heroic expedition named “Sneaky Pete” who would stunlock me. Absolutely atrocious.

The concept behind expeditions is to race the other side (NPC or players, your choice) to collect the most Azerite. For the non-Wow players among you, that’s the resource players have to grind to increase their overall power and ability. It’s the core resource of this expansion. The team who collects the required Azerite first, wins.

To gather Azerite you kill monsters, open chests, mine it, etc. But there’s one catch here… the other team can interfere. The NPCs do a pretty good job coming at you just when it’s the worst possible time.

I like the basic idea of expeditions, but I really don’t enjoy how they feel so much like a hectic PvP race. I know that A LOT of people out there probably love that, but it’s just not for me. That said, these expeditions are an integral part of the gameplay equation, so I feel compelled to participate.

I think I would have preferred a straight race against the clock over the PvP. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I out-gear them.

  • Interesting. I thought you liked pvp? Based on your previous posts. So do you like your pvp and pve split?

    Which I couldn’t blame you for really. Cause I’m pretty bad at pvp. I’d probably like it more if I won more. But mostly it ends with me stun locked or just getting wiped out in a few hits.

    It’s also very interesting that the npcs are getting smarter. Cause AI is still mostly a dream but we are making small progress.

    • I like pvp very separate from pve. Dark Age of Camelot is the best example of gameplay that I like. Lots of pve, and a controlled yet open world feeling pvp.