What are we playing this weekend?

I’ve been meaning to start a weekend feature for some time now. Since I started posting every day — By the way I’m up to 138 days straight — I realized there’s a need for a few regular features. I think this will develop into one.

Since co-founding my own business and joining the ranks of the entrepreneurial work from home types, I’ve found that I have even less time to really devote heavily to games than I did when I was working 8 hours a day and commuting an hour each way. It’s that stress of, “If I do it then it won’t get done,” and knowing that my business only grows relative to the effort I directly put into its growth.

So weekends have become really valuable as a time off and time to breath.

That said, tonight we went to the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade, tomorrow we’re doing stuff, Monday we’re going to see family, etc. Live has a crazy way of being super active. That said, there are games.

Graev and I have been playing Sea of Thieves. We can’t say much more than that. The Technical Alpha is underway, and if you want to see more on what’s happening you should check out the Sea of Thieves Reddit. It’s very… Reddit… but it’s ‘probably’ accurate enough to represent the state of affairs. Can I say I’m having a blast? I don’t know if I can, so I won’t say it.

We also picked up the Halo Master Chief Collection and plan to play through that then get started on Halo 5. Perhaps before we start playing the MCC we’ll finish up Halo Wars. We’re debating jumping into a full playthrough in timeline order.

Lastly, we’re playing the Styx games. I’m currently playing single-player for the first game, and we’re playing the second game concurrently in full co-op. I’ll be writing up more of my thoughts on both the games soon.

What are you guys playing? Anything fun?

  • Hearthstone Dungeon Runs. I highly recommend them, especially if you ever liked the idea of Hearthstone but the alleged “pay-2-win” aspect turned you off. Dungeon runs are 100% free PvE content, and not just free to play but you *can’t* use cards from your collection, new/lapsed players are on a completely level playing field with active players.

    • That sounds really cool. Having a pitiful collection of cards is a big reason I don’t jump into Hearthstone often. Dungeon runs is a neat idea. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Pretty sure there’s no company anywhere that’s going to enforce NDA sanctions against anyone breaking them to say how great the game is. Personally Sea of Thieves looks like a perfcet storm of all the things I can’t stand in MMOs – economics, ship manouevering, aspirational piracy – so it would have to be spectacularly brilliant for me even to give it a try.

    I’m increasingly finding I’m less interested in novelty in MMOs than in bedding down in the ones I already love. The longer I play certain MMOs the more certain I become that I could happily play them forever.

    • I don’t think it violates any NDA to adamantly state sea of thieves is not a MMO. It’s absolutey more of a multiplayer experience. You’re matched to other players and in no way part of an open world.

      I don’t know if that would change your mind, though, since there’s definitely aspiring pirates and skill driven ship maneuvers. (All of that is public knowledge from videos they’ve shown so no violations there.)

  • Wow and Electrical.
    Sea of Thieves does not interest me at all till the release date nears. Chances of it actually releasing decently are too slim. This applies to all alphas.

  • Pretty much just Black Desert Online for me right now. Any other game I tend to just watch someone else play on YouTube. When levels can take upwards of 60+ hours (of grinding) to achieve, there is little time to be spent in other games! 😛 (I’m sure 99% of people reading this will think I’m insane.)

    • My days of spending 60 hours to grind a level are definitely behind me, but I get you! You’re not insane if you’re having fun.

      • They SHOULD be behind me, haha. I’ve got three kids, but I dedicate myself to one hour a day grinding when since BDO offers a daily 200% exp buff. I’m helping my wife as well, so it can get pretty chaotic, especially when people are fighting for control of grinding spots.

  • I’m playing Lord of the Rings Online as I have been the past few months, also World of Tanks, some Crusader Kings 2 (pretty much always) and some other miscellaneous stuff.