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Capcom Wants to Bring More Ports to Switch

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In case Switch hasn’t had a good enough year already, Capcom is tossing out a bit of a tease by saying they want to bring more ports over to the Switch.

This tweet was making its rounds today:

From what I’ve seen, a lot of the hopes and wishes seem to be for the Monster Hunter games. I’d love to see Monster Hunter World, but I’m not really holding my breath. I have a feeling the 3DS might count as a “console” and they’ve already had Monster Hunter. Assuming he meant games — not franchises — we’re looking at quite a few good localizations. Dragon’s Dogma, Dead Rising 1, Marvel vs. Capcom, DMC, etc.

Maybe they would even port the old arcade games? I’d probably be happiest if they just did that.

Either way, lots and lots of great games to come if they’re willing to port.

I’m also hoping other publishers and even Nintendo themselves realize the value of bringing over the older games (and newer games) to the home + go console.

Fingers crossed.

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