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Monster Hunter World: Beta is Fun

Short post tonight, friends. I have a cold/flu I’m battling that zaps me every time I try to play something. I did manage to play the three quests in Monster Hunter World Beta on the PS4.

Graev is really the big MH fanatic of the family, so I have to defer to him on all of the real technical details on things. I’m a novice having only played two previous versions, one of which I only dabbled and the other I played for maybe 30 hours. Something about MH on a 3DS screen is what kept me from playing more. I needed that bigger screen and controller to immerse myself more.

Monster Hunter World is awesome. It’s still very much Monster Hunter, but the presentation on PS4 is excellent. I think the controls are what make it for me more than anything else. The graphics are also really pretty, but something about having so much more control over my character while fighting a giant boss on a big screen felt right. I’ll have more to say when I think think straight and try more weapons.

If you have a PS4, even an original launch one like me, give it a shot! The beta is open until the morning of the 12th.

  • As a longtime MH fan who has every western one since Tri, this game is exactly what I have been waiting for. The game looks amazing, and even on a launch PS4 like mine didn’t notice significant performance issues at all. I played a bunch of quests with a friend from England (I am in the US) and we had no lag during multiplayer either except at the very beginning when we both loaded in.

    I love that the weapons all feel familiar and yet each has enough new stuff to feel fresh. Not to mention how amazing they looks. The whole game feels more fluid. This is probably going to be my game of the year for 2018, on a personal level, no matter what comes out if the Beta is any indication. I’ve spent probably close to 15-20 hours just in the beta because of how fun every weapon is.

      • Ya, Charge Blades and Dual Blades were two I used a lot in the Beta. Charge Blade especially feels really solid again (not sure if you played Gen but it was nerfed really bad there). I just love the aesthetic of a sword and shield but hate how small the shield and sword are on the actual sword and shield weapon. Which helps now that you can charge the sword to give each hit phial effects making it viable as the main part of the weapon instead of the axe. That’s also kind of what I meant by everything feels fresh and familiar at once. All the moves except that and the sliding round slash from circle are exactly the same, but those 2 moves actually have huge impacts on game play between giving you more reason to stay in sword mode and extra mobility.