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What Did You Play This Weekend?

As we wrap up the weekend, I'm curious what games you all are playing.

Here's my list:


We blew up the meteor tonight! I have a video and write-up coming tomorrow. It was awesome to see this feature play out even cooler than we expected. Many of you have asked me whether or not this means the game has ended. Nope! In fact, shortly after the meteor blew up people went on talking about what they were building next. 

Our server will likely stay up and as-is for a little while. We may add mods or restart the world (bigger this time) with mods or simply keep it vanilla.

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Loving the New Gunlance Meta in MHW

This morning Graev texts me a link to a video of the new gunlance meta people are figuring out in Monster Hunter World which focuses entirely on shelling.

The playstyle involves using the Zorah gunlance and basically using nothing but charged shells. The build maximizes damage output with artillary 3 and focus 3 (which reduces the charge time). The Zorah gunlance is best right now because uses a specific kind of "long" shell and level 4 shot.

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Monster Hunter World is Now Addicting

I’ve come full circle in Monster Hunter. At first it was so confusing it wasn’t fun. Then it was fun but I couldn’t find a weapon. Then I found a weapon, liked it, then hated it. I’m finally playing with a weapon I absolutely love, fighting bosses successfully without dying at all, and making some major progress in the game.

I’m using the Lance. It’s an awesome weapon because it provides me the perfect balance of defense and offense. No, it won’t come close to the damage of some weapons, but I can always stand on top of the monster and never have to retreat. Learning the monster’s moves, I can simply guard myself into invulnerability. Counter attacks and charging make for a fun meta. I also love mounting after a charge, and find it easier than any other form of mounting.

Most things are starting to make a lot of sense to me. I’ve figured out the weapon crafting. You basically want one of every element and status effect type, and you want to upgrade those as much as you can. Armor is there I’m still really, really confused. Do I bother spending my materials in low tier? Do they carry over to high tier? The gear really doesn’t offer much for me yet because I know that high tier (which I’m just about to be in low high tier) starts to give some serious skills and benefits.

I’m cultivating, trading, sending my palico army out to get stuff, and completing lots of hunts.

I’m easily putting in 2-3 hours a day into MHW. It’s addicting now. Very glad I stuck with it.


Monster Hunter Kicks My Butt

For some reason I find the Monster Hunter games really difficult. When going into combat, I watch Graev effortlessly fight these monsters and rarely use potions. He’s always in the right place; I’m always in the wrong place. When furious with my performance and exasperated by the day’s hunt, I ask him if I’m just bad. He tells me, “You’re not bad, I just have over 1,000 hours of experience playing Monster Hunter.”

I’m not one of ‘those’ gamers who is just a pro at everything, but I’m also not one to feel like my grandma trying to wrap her mind around Mario Kart either. I’m generally pretty good at games. Yet for some reason unknown, this game eludes me.

I’m once again switching weapons. I tried the Charge Blade for two days. I watched an hour of video guides, went to 2 hours of Graev school, and fought plenty of monsters. I get how the weapon works, I’m just not good at executing it.

I’m making the switch to Lance now because of its defensive nature. Thus far, I can definitely say I’m performing better. The Lance allows me to do some really neat blocking and counter attacking, and despite the Charge Blade having a shield, I never felt as beefy as I do using the Lance.

Watching streams of other people just flying through the game is a real punch in the gut. Am I the only one who sucks at this? Tell me there’s a kindred spirit out there.


Monster Hunter World: Which Weapon Should I Use?

That question just about sums up my entire Monster Hunter World experience thus far. Which weapon should I use?

I’m stuck trying to make that determination. I loathe the question. To me it’s like playing a MMORPG and struggling to find a class you like. You know you have to choose one and stick with it before you go too far, otherwise you’ll be wasting time and resources.

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