Disney XD’s D|XP for Gamers

Disney XD’s D|XP for Gamers

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I watch Disney XD. Yep, I do. Disney XD is a channel here in the U.S. that shows kid-ish shows that are tailored more towards a man-child audience. It’s a weird juxtaposition between kids and adults who never grew up. So I fit the demographic perfectly.

I was watching the latest episodes of Star Wars Rebels (awesome show, btw) when I noticed a ton of commercials related to video games. Not one, not two, but it seemed every single commercial and bit of branding was related to games. There were entire half hours devoted to watching people play Overwatch, or compete in a Hearthstone tournament, or play X or Y game.

Then I noticed the watermark in the bottom left of the screen that said, “D|XP”.


A little google-foo and I found out that Disney XD has this entire segment of time for gamers now.  I  went to the official site and couldn’t find anything, but D|XP does have a Twitter and Twitch account.

“D|XP is an all-new gaming-centric block featuring your favorite games, YouTubers & streamers. Spawns every night this summer from 9P-3A, only on Disney XD. ”

So it’s officially a thing, and they do feature YouTubers, streamers, and all sorts of gaming related commentary and gameplay.

It makes sense. Streaming and Youtube are pulling some serious numbers compared to TV, and the demographic lines up.

Seeing worlds collide between TV and video games was still surreal. And you know what? It’s actually not bad content.


    • Yeah, Summer technically ended at the end of September… but they’re still going strong with this D|XP gamer thing.