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Back from Vacation on the High Seas!

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Hey all, I’m back from vacation! Thankfully no one knew because it looks like the blog posts I scheduled to post while I was gone all took effect, and my ‘blog every day’ challenge continues.

My wife and I went on our second Disney cruise this past week! It was so much fun. Our first cruise was actually our honeymoon two and a half years ago, and would you believe that’s also the last time I took a vacation?

Needing a nice vacation, we took to the seas again, this time for Halloween on the High Seas — with Disney Cruise Line again. They do such a nice job, focusing on every little detail. I highly recommend DCL if you’re looking for a family-friendly, high-quality cruise. Plan well, and they’re really not as expensive as you might think.

Okay, so what does this have to do with video games, you ask?

I peaked into the kid’s play clubs when no one was looking, and I got to see what was up. They’re actually still rocking the old Wii consoles. I was a little shocked to see such an older console, and one that actually didn’t do well at all for Nintendo, on the flag ships of Disney’s fleet. Yet at the same time, there aren’t many other consoles that would really work well on the ships either. The Wiimotes can be tucked away into nice protective-kid-proof sleeves, and the kids can flail around with dumb motion controls all they like.

I did also see what I think might have been other consoles playing the Disney Infinity games. I think they were Xbox’s from the looks of things. I couldn’t get too good a look because the staff gave me the ‘you look a little big for an 8 year old’ stare. I wanted badly to go in and play, but it was strictly for kids only. My wife rolled her eyes when I complained about not being able to participate in the Wii Tournament.

While I was gone, I didn’t miss games one bit. In a weird way, I got a twinge of what it’s like to have that feeling I’m sure my parents had — that quintessential “go play outside” mentality. And sure enough, I think the majority of younger kids did play outside in the pools and never once wanted to go inside to the video games or the activities. I felt like the youngest group of kids were at the pools constantly, then a pocket of kids were also at the pools maybe in the 6-8 range, then the 8-12 were once again inside playing games.

Thankfully, I spent most of my time floating around in the much quieter adult area/pool. 😎

So now that it’s time to get back to reality, I’m perusing the gaming sites and I notice a lot happened while I was gone! Nice to see I have lots of material to cover and games to play during this early-October quiet before the massive, massive end-of-the-month storm of game releases.

  • Given your dedication to gaming, you are probably the only adult who could say that you snuck into the Disney play room to peek at the children’s wii and not be suspicious of their motives.