10 Reasons Why Sea of Thieves Looks Awesome

The Sea of Thieves team released a pretty good last month with 10 things you need to know about Sea of Thieves.

Let's check it out.

While I think their list is good, a few stand out.

  1. Cross-play between Xbox One and Windows 10. Obviously a huge plus for letting people play with their friends, and one of the first reasons to own an Xbox One -- though I own one, I'll still get the PC version. (Why do I own that thing again?)
  2. Open & Shared world with things to do other than quests and story-driven missions
  3. The act of crewing a ship, boarding enemy vessels, and being a pirate seem so fleshed out.

I started poking around Facebook a bit and found this Inn-Side Story (It's like a dev diary type thing) where they talk about reducing the toxicity among crew members in order to try and preserve that sacred bond between shipmates. 

That's really important to someone like me. Community means everything to me. One big reason I stopped playing DOTA and Overwatch type games is because of how the community hates on each other. I don't know that Sea of Thieves has cracked that nut, but I like the discussions and attempts to try.

I particularly like the ability to send crew to the brig and vomit on them and dance playing music while they sit there behind bars. Ahhem...

Other things I also like are the "small ship" announcements where you can play on a ship by yourself if you don't want to get into the whole "big ship" gameplay.

Though, at this point in time, I really don't know the difference in how that impacts your gameplay other than the ship being smaller. They show how small ships can gang up on big ships. So it's not like you're invulnerable to PvP.

There are still obvious questions lingering for me.

Will the entire world be PvP?

How many people co-exist in the same open world?

I see references to "match making" and I have to wonder if that means you get put onto a ship with someone into an "open world" that is just a big instanced world.

How much persistence is there in the world? Is it just your character? Is there any persistence at all or is it jump-in-jump-out?

Answers will come with time. What we do know is that the developers are do a remarkable job building a community and marketing their game. I'm a huge fan of how incorporated their art style and theme are in all they do. The wait for release is getting harder.

  • Gankatron says:

    This one I have been following. I hope it will be all that.

  • Jenks says:

    So pumped for this game! Just saw the video showing smaller, 2 man boats for when your whole crew isn’t available, looks so good.

    Not sure if you care but when you say “I’ll still get the PC version. (Why do I own that thing again?).” Sea of Thieves will be a Play Anywhere title. That means when you buy your digital PC version, you’ll be able to play it on your xbox, too – so if your pc is at your desk but you feel like plundering from the couch, you’re set with 1 copy of the game.

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