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So Glad I Played Call of Duty WW2 Beta

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I am so, so glad I got the chance to play Call of Duty WW2 open beta. I was going to get the game, and now I am absolutely not. Dodged that bullet.

I was 100% going to get the game when it came out. 100%. I was set on it. I craved that Call of Duty feel. 

All it took was 1 hour to completely change my mind.

First, let's dispel the idea that it's bad because it's Call of Duty. Set that bias aside. It is what it is, and hating it for what it is won't change anything. I actually went in wanting it.

Call of Duty WW2 Bad Steam Reviews

My issues rest squarely on poor development.

  • Horrible console port. Like bad.
  • Terrible optimization - Crashing constantly almost every game. I finished maybe only one game without crashing.
  • Ugly graphics that look worse than just about every modern shooter
  • Terrible build quality - There's jank! Actual jank! I can't believe how float it feels and gross it feels to run around. For the first time, CoD is wonky and not super polished and refined.
  • Horrible hit boxes - I'm a terrible sniper and I was picking people off constantly
  • Menu navigation is awful (finding how to exit the game takes way too much effort)

Call of Duty was already the fast food of FPS games. That's fine. There's a time and place for fast food. But this sets the bar low to the point where I just can't bring myself to partake.

I'm extremely bummed, but glad I saved myself the trouble.

Take note, devs. You messed up.