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CoD WW2 Has a Cool Pre-Order Bonus

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I haven't played a Call of Duty game in years. I feel like the last good one was maybe MW2? Before that, I loved CoD4. I have hundreds upon hundreds of hours logged in them both.

Playing PUBG lately has given me the itch to play CoD for a few reasons: (1) The janky potato quality is getting to me, (2) the lag lately has been absolutely abysmal, and (3) I'm raging like a noob at running around for 10 minutes looking for campers just to die to a sniper.

I was looking at the CoD WW2 marketing materials and saw that there's a pre-order bonus allowing you to unlock whatever gun you want.

Now THAT'S a pre-order bonus.

There's actually a few of them, but the gun unlock is the one I want.

CoD WW 2 Pre-Order Bonus Gun Unlock

Omg Keen, why CoD? [Insert insult about CoD here]

I'm feeling the need to play a game where I can jump in and within seconds have tons of intense gunplay. Playing the 'creep around the map and never find anything' not only has me wanting the spray-and-pray arena gunplay, but being able to unlock any gun I want? Use it every game? Sold. Smooth gameplay with a polished engine? Sold.

I'll play. Too bad it doesn't come out until November. Too bad it also lands right around the time Destiny 2 releases. Graev and I will be going solid on that one too.

Anyone else have the itch to play again?

  • My wife and I have been feeling the same about PUBG lately, so we’ve started playing CSGO deathmatch a lot. I’ve also pre-ordered CoD WWII and can’t wait, I loved the old WW2 CoDs.

    • We’re getting PC version. It’s nice to see a few features being added to PC to make it more than just a port. It doesn’t come out for a bit, though.

      • I’m a little concerned it releases right next to CoD, and so close to Battlefront, Assassin’s Creed, Mario Odyssey, etc. Tons of AAA games I want to play right in that window.