QuickCast Episode 1: Not So Quick

QuickCast Episode 1: Not So Quick

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After a decade of wanting to take podcasting seriously, we finally got our act together and launched this sucker!  Introducing...

Keen and Graev's QuickCast

QuickCast is a video game commentary podcast where we (Keen and Graev) pick topics to discuss/debate/commentate and fire up the old (literally) mic!

Where did the name QuickCast come from?

QuickCast was inspired by the Dark Age of Camelot ability called -- you guessed it -- 'Quickcast'. Quickcast allows cloth wearers to cast a single spell with a quickened casting time, but costs twice the power. It cannot be interrupted by melee or spells. 

We decided it would be the perfect name for a podcast designed to be shorter in length. Most podcasts are ridiculously long, drawn out, and unfocused. QuickCast is going to be 15-20 minutes in length and push twice the power in one cast making it easier than ever to consume Keen and Graev's gaming content.

OMG is Graev actually back?

Yep! I journeyed far to where he was isolated in deep meditation to wake him. He was needed once again to bring balance to the force, fulfill his destiny, unite the clans, etc., etc.

Where can we listen to Keen and Graev's QuickCast?

Episode 1: Not So Quick

So.... about the whole 'quick' thing... We had some introductions to do and we got carried away. We combined two episodes into one due to recording difficulties. We're going to make them faster! I promise they'll be 15-20 minutes or even less.​

Episode 1 Notes

Nintendo Switch

  • Overall Impressions
  • Build quality - screen issues, controllers, etc
  • Handheld vs dock mode
  • Operating system
  • Upcoming games we wan to play

Breath of the Wild

  • Overall Impressions
  • Pros and Cons
  • Is it Zelda enough?

Episode Summary

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Production note: Sound quality and overall production quality will improve with time as we learn more. We're figuring out microphone placement, recording hardware, etc. Keen will talk slower and Graev will talk louder. Thank you for your patience.

  • Really glad to have graev back, but he needs more practice. It’s pretty common. There is a world of difference between typing a few cute words and actually doing live presentations. You need to learn tricks like modulating your voice. It just takes time. You definitely have it already.

    • We’ll get there in time! Our goal will never be to produce a “show.” Our goal is to provide more of that raw video game discussion. Other “shows” provide the gloss and the pizzazz and commercialization but lack the substance. We’re shooting for 100% substance. We’re going to try and improve the audio quality, which will come with practice.