I Like Making Things

I Like Making Things

This one is really simple. I really, really like making things in games. I say “making things” because it extends beyond just crafting and tradeskills. I really like building bases and forts. I like making machines that work and accomplish tasks. I like making characters. I like making factories and assembly lines. I like making things come to life when given the freedom and my own imagination.

Minecraft, Dragon Quest Builders, Star Wars Galaxies, Ultima Online, Albion Online, etc. (there are many more), all share the common trait of giving me the freedom to ‘make things’ the way I personally want to make them.

Here are a few examples of these mechanisms and why I like them.

I like a crafting system with freedom. In order to satisfy the requirements, I have to be able to leave my mark on whatever I create. In SWG this was great because I chose the materials, their quality, and how I would experiment on the item. The result was two people could make the same set of armor but have it be entirely different. Certain people were sought after for having the best type of X armor.

The Economy
This one ties in closely with crafting. When it comes to “making things,” I like to say money counts too. I like making money in games! I suck at making money in modern games because it has become tied up in the combat side of things. UO was great for me because I could choose to be a store owner. I found a piece of property in a great location, crafted weapons, and made money selling them to the people who would fight each other practically on my doorstep.

Block by Block
I love being able to take apart the world and put it back together. I love combining items into things which can then be combined with freedom to make something else unique. Space Engineers  and Minecraft are two of the best examples of this. I also like Astroneer and Subnautica for this same type of “make my own stuff” adventure.

Making things in video games brings me joy. I was one the kid who had buckets and buckets of mixed up LEGOS and make something new out of them every day. I’ve never been great at making a masterpiece, but I can safely say I don’t have to be. It’s not about WHAT I make, but the process and going through the act of making things that simply find fun.

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