I Only Like Certain Types of PvP

I go back and forth on PvP. Some of the best games (mostly MMOs) I’ve played were all about player-versus-player interaction.

I like there being PvP when it makes sense (to me). I like fighting for my realm. I like fighting for territory and seizing objectives. I don’t like ganking. I don’t like PvP when it’s just about fighting and beating the other player; I want it to be about beating the other side.

PVP I don’t like:

  • Anything promoting malicious activity designed to ruin another player’s fun
  • Ganking and open-world PvP with no safe areas
  • PvP where you can take everything a player owns
  • PvP without a purpose other than to kill another player and/or gain personal points
  • Instanced, small-scale or individual battles

PvP I like:

  • Team/Realm/Faction PvP (or RvR)
  • PvP that takes place in a designated area
    • Areas must be large and feel like a big open world
  • PvP for objectives like realm relics, castles, territory
  • Large-scale battles with dozens to hundreds of players

Games with ganking draw a type of player that I do not enjoy being around. I don’t want to generalize too far, but for the most part — based on my personal experience — the type of people who thrive on the ganking type of PvP are also the type of people with obnoxious personalities hellbent on ruining my fun.

Going back to my preference for social gameplay, I like playing with a team. I like having an army of players all attacking a castle together. Maybe it’s because a group of players means each player isn’t as accountable. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not an awesome PvPer. I’m not sure that I ever was. But when I play with others I feel like I do a decent job contributing. Maybe that’s an important part: I like filling a role in PvP rather than just being there to kill players 1v1 or in a tiny group.

In fact, let’s take this all a step further. I would rather there be no PvP at all over the open-world gank anyone you want style of play.

What type of gamer am I? I’m a bit of a carebear.

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