Legion Launches in 53 Hours

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Sorry for the hibernation here for the past few days. I was a week behind finishing the last little touches on my entrepreneurial venture. I started working on this side project in May and just finished today. What a huge weight that is off my chest. I was putting 4-8 hours a day into that project on top of my usual 8 hours at work. Legion’s impending launch and running a week behind schedule meant I had to shut the door and ignore the world.

But I’m back! And it’s time to play some Legion! …. in 53’ish hours.

Now the real debate… do I take off work on Tuesday? Legion launches at midnight, but I haven’t been able to stay up that late in years. So that means the earliest I would play is Tuesday morning.

Worst case scenario, I’m playing Tuesday evening. Ugh. Real life.

A few housekeeping items that I want to go through for you guys:

What class is Keen playing in Legion?
My main character will be a Beastmaster Hunter. Yep, I decided to forgo my entire plan that I’ve had for this past year. I was all about the melee hunter, then I tried BM and fell in love. I can’t go against my inner-fun-meter.

Will Keen have an alt in Legion?
Yes, but not for a while. The way artifact power works makes playing anything but your main character a a little self-defeating. I’m going to wait until I reach more of a wall with AP before working on an alt. When I do, it will be a Druid.

What server?
Fenris! No PvP, pretty low pop (yet feels packed).

What guild?
KGC on Fenris, for those who want to join. If you’re on another server, you can join our Discord (discord.gg/fMybGtJ) where we use voice chat and use the text channels for guild chat.

If you’re looking to join in on the fun, we’re open to all. 🙂

  • Star citizen raised $120 million? Marketing geniuses apparently. I think that was more than WoW originally cost to develop. I’m kinda hoping the whole star thing flops, painfully. But it’s fascinating they got so many to take the bait.

  • I should really join the group on discord, it would feel less lonely. I can’t seem to find a guild on my server (Area 52 – Horde), everyone is looking for raiders and I do not want to go back to raiding on a schedule. It might even lead to an alt creation on Fenris 😉 I haven’t experienced the Alliance side of things since..uhm… Burning Crusade (?), it would be different for sure.

    This being said, please everyone, pace yourself. Don’t try to rush things and complaint at the end of September you’ve run out of things to do.