Demon Hunter Quests and Introduction

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Illidari Questline Cordana

I just finished the Demon Hunter questline. I want to talk a bit about it, so if you hate spoilers then come back tomorrow.

First impressions: I enjoyed the quests.

I think Blizzard utilized some of what we can expect in Legion quests during these initial DH questlines. That’s both a nice thing, and a little bit alarming. I ran into quite a few bugs with these scenario and “public quest” type events where I didn’t get credit.

Illidari Lore

In terms of the lore, I like the Illidari. I think their existence makes sense — way more than the Draenei or Panda. What shocked me most was the Cordana and Maiev confusion. I thought that Khadgar’s bodyguard was Maiev Shadowsong all this time. I thought it made sense that Illidan was imprisoned and she now had nothing to do. Nope.

Cordana Felsong
This is not actually Maiev. Oops.

Khadgar’s bodygard was actually Cordana. During the Legendary Ring questline, Cordana succumbed to temptation and turned to the dark side. We see her as a Fel-Warden in the cutscene where she opens the door to Illidan’s tomb inside The Vault. Whew, that confused me.

Maiev had actually been guarding Illidan (sorta?) all this time.

Keen's Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter Class Mechanics / Gameplay

Demon Hunters are a neat class. I think they feel pretty good in terms of mechanics. A rogue meets warrior type of deal. I think their forms are neat, and movement is a big part of how they play.

Visually… they’re freaking awesome. I love the wings that come out with you double/triple jump. The glowing eyes and demon blood tattoos put it over the top. I have class envy for sure.

I don’t know whether or not I’ll actually play one, but having one at level 100 is sure nice. This might be my tank alt.

  • I know the feeling. I don’t WANT to like demon hunter because they feel like they are trying so hard to be cool that it makes me roll my eyes…

    …but damn if I don’t have fun playing it. My main is a DK, so this level of mobility is absolutely exhilarating. The double jump, the glide, the multiple movement abilities…It really makes playing more enjoyable.

  • @Keen you weren’t the only one who was confused by the Maive/Cordana bologna. I think the wow team was lazy, they could have given Cordana a different color cape. Maive had an iconic model/weapons in all of Warcraft and they just decided to be lazy and give it to Cordana.

  • I’m happy for you that you like the new Demon Hunter class (personally I think it’s a double shark-jump, a.o.t. Elves let alone Demon Hunters are supposed to be rare) but it does make me wonder wether you actually agree with the direction WoW has taken or not.

    Because at the end of the day a pre-order esp. is seesn as a sign of confidence and agreement by Blizzard, amongst others.

  • I suspended my disbelief of Blizzard’s class and hero profiling a long time ago. I had to for any part of the game to make sense.

    “You’re the hero!” …. and so are the 39 other people next to you. And the other 200,000 people. And that’s the 14th Onyxia head hanging in Orgrimmar this week. etc.

    Your question about whether I agree with the direction of WoW is a little vague. You’d have to specify which direction, and give context for a comparison. WoW is a themepark, and as far as themeparks are concerned … I am in favor of any themepark that makes it easier to go on the rides and get my enjoyment when I want it.

    WoW is becoming a better themepark with the release of Legion. There are ups and downs with every expansion. I’m sure Legion will have its share.

  • I had written an extensive reply on the why and how but your comment system seems to have eaten it and when I copy-paste it I get the message I already posted it – while not being visible.

    So I’ll keep it brief.

    Basically the same kind of things that make WoW a nice place for MMO tourists (or ‘cyclical subscribers’ as is the newspeak term) have made it a rather lousy place for long-term subscribers/as a RPG.

    It has serious issues with core RPG values like Player Agency (e.g. becoming more and more like a MOBA, ‘you are having fun wrong’) and Persistance (e.g. changing players’ characters animations and models beyond recognition, removing the more vintage content willy-nilly etc.) , and especially of late with basic trust (e.g. they dispersed false information about the new cosmetics Wardrobe system even after they changed the originally working as announced system from early Beta, and flat-out lied even to their self-appointed Forum MV’P’s about the new Silence system not being automated).

    While I may not agree with everything e.g.

    gives a fair summary, too, from a different angle.

    But maybe I overthink this, it’s just a bit of a shock going from ‘Vintage EQ was the best!’ to ‘let’s pre-order Legion, it’s the best!’ on this blog.

  • @NetherLands: I don’t think I ever said nor conveyed any sentiment resembling “Legion is the best.” I’m not so polarized that I live on the edge of extremes. I can think classic EQ is the best MMO experience while still having fun playing Legion.

    It’s a different kind of fun. As you say, it’s not a place for long-term subscribers as a RPG. I see WoW more like I see a game like Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted or even an Elder Scrolls game. I don’t play those games forever. I don’t expect to. I go in knowing they have an ending and that they aren’t a long-term community or game I’ll “live in” for years. I go in knowing I can have fun, and when the fun stops, I stop.

  • My apologies if my reaction was a bit terse, the original comment being ‘swallowed’ played a role in that.

    I’m glad we can agree on that WoW has become less and less of a fun RPG experience/Hobby Game, and more like a Call of Duty/Shelf Game you both have to pay an extra sub for to actually play the box one just bought, and can not play at your own leisure later on.

    Which incedentally means that WoW isn’t much of a Themepark RPG, either. It removes perfectly good rides (content removal), plays havoc with the line system (constant Tier Resets and ‘skipping’ mechanics) , and essentially tries to create a new park with every expansion (WoW seems to only have Launch Teams, not Live Teams, hence the constant rebalances every damn Expansion – wasting a lot of resources; not a completely new issue e.g. note the comments by a.o. WoW devs).

    They even removed having a choice in Quest-rewards (something they already tried to foist upon the player base with MoP, but the community backlash during its Beta prevented that abomination back then).