The Demon Invasion is Upon Us!

The Burning Legion returned yesterday afternoon to once again try and conquer Azeroth!

These invasions set into motion the be beginnings of the Legion expansion, ushering in a new era for the key figures in Warcraft lore. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, so if you’re not interested in some discussion about what happens in the first 15 minutes of the Legion Invasion… best not to read the rest of this post.

The Battle for Broken Shore

Both factions head to the Broken Isles landing on the shores in a very fitting D-Day attack (D for Demon). We stormed the beach and wiped out a some easy Legion vanguard.

Crushing a few of their obelisks, we pushed deeper inland following Jaina (as the Alliance). The Legion warped in what appeared to be Star Destroyers along with their usual legions of demons.

We eventually came to Gul’dan who killed Tirion (because he failed as a Paladin and didn’t bubble hearth) and engaged us with Krosus (some big demon dude in a pit of green Legion acid stuff).

The fight mechanics here were silly and didn’t mean much. The Horde was on one side of the green acid pool and the Alliance on the other. We ping-ponged Krosus back and forth and it was done.

Now it’s time to stop Gul’dan from summoning the Legion!

Oops… too late. He does.

Many familiar faces demons have returned, and the Legion is at full strength.

WoW Legion Invasion Cutscenes

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Let’s discuss what happened…

The Alliance

First, Mekketorque steals the entire show. What a complete badass! Genn gets a close second.

As the Alliance call in their gunship and bravely fight the Legion, the Horde — who are providing anti-air support up on a ridge — suddenly sound the retreat, leaving the Alliance completely screwed.

As Genn states, “I knew it! I knew we couldn’t trust her!”

With all hope lost (Thanks, Horde!), the Alliance tries to escape, but not before Gul’dan can unleash one final move causes King Varian Wrynn to have to sacrifice himself to save everyone. In that moment he was almost as cool as Mekkatorque.

Upon return to Stormwind, we let Anduin know of his father’s sacrifice. Anduin shows extreme wisdom here wanting to focus on the Legion and avoid being derailed with the Horde, but Jaina is pissed. Hell hath no fury. She teleports away vowing the Horde is not welcome in her city (Dalaran, she’s the head of the Kirin Tor).

Anduin has invited the Illidari (Demon hunters) to help the Alliance… but is it too late?

The Horde

Last we knew, the Horde up and ditched the Alliance… or did they? Turns out, Vol’jin was run-through with a morgul-blade Legion spear and the Legion were surrounding them. Vol’jin pretty much tells Sylvanas it’s time to skedaddle so they do.

Some people were saying that this justified them abandoning the Alliance, but I think it was definitely an uncharacteristically cowardly move on the Horde’s part, though staying wouldn’t have done much anyway.

Back in Orgrimmar, Vol’jin is dying and with his last breath tells Sylvanas she must rise out of the shadows and become Warchief.

Setting the Stage

This will prove interesting. I don’t know how long it will last, but the Alliance is pissed at the Horde for ditching them. Many of them see this as a betrayal, and the loss of their King in that event makes for even more anger.

The Horde wants revenge for the death of their leader too, but their anger is mostly turned toward the Legion.

Will the Alliance antagonize the Horde? Will there be in-fighting among the inhabitants of Azeroth? I’m left wondering how long this can last with both sides going to Dalaran in Legion.

We shall see!

  • If you want to know more about how the alliance feels about the horde, make your first questing zone Stormheim.

  • Damn, I love that Blizzard isn’t afraid to kill Iconic characters. Also fuck yes, Sylvanas for Warchief.

    Also, hell yes to Sylvanas for Warchief. Sadly won’t be able to play the pre stuff due to NMS, but looking forward to the actual launch.

  • I was wondering what made the Horde skip out, though it DOES seem unlike them to retreat. I loved the scenario for broken shore, wish they had more of that, Ive always been a sucker for their lore.

    Im just curious how this is going to play out if they have to stand United to fight the Horde. One observation is, Jaina and Thrall have a history all the way back to the first invasion at Hyjal. You cant tell me he cant smooth this over with her?

  • I think Jaina doesn’t have any problems with Thrall, but he is now basically orc Jesus and has very little to do with the Horde now. Jaina hates what the horde has become in the absence of Thrall, genocide tends to do that. Slyvanas just has such a good reason to be Warchief, considering there is no one else and she personally hates demons since the whole Undercity demon coup thing.

    I hope they bring back Varimarathis so that we can get more interaction between him and Slyvanas, I don’t know if many players remember that much about that little nugget of lore.

  • So I gave in and put No Mans Sky on hold to prepare for legion and I have to say wow. I loved the Invasion quest line and cinematic (the quest itself was meh). Sylvanas becoming Warchief makes me want to main horde after years. Especially since I hate Anduin.