Amazon Prime Now Offers 20% Off All Game Pre-Orders

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amazon prime pre-order savings

This was a pleasant surprise. Amazon is now offering 20% off all physical copy game pre-orders or orders made within two weeks after release. This makes Amazon almost on par with Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked. GCU offers 20% off ALL games and many gaming related items, and gives free shipping on those items. GCU also combines with Best Buy’s rewards points program giving $10 additional back in rewards points. GCU costs $30 for 2 years, and Amazon Prime is a heft $100 for one year.

Amazon Prime has other benefits like 2 day shipping (or 1 day in some markets) on just about everything, as well as other benefits like streaming video and random discounts, etc. Personally, I can see owning both being a value.

What I appreciate about Amazon is how they’ve applied this to all games I have on pre-order. I have already saved $40. Works for me.

  • I can appreciate the concept but since I do not own any consoles physical games for me are irrelevant. The only time I would buy a physical pc game would be for a collectors edition but I almost never buy those.

    For those that do plan on utilizing the amazon option you should look into the amazon prime store card. 5% cash back on your amazon purchases always helps.

  • Amazon just made Best Buy’s GCU irrelevant IMO. Prime is a great service that just keeps adding more perks. Streaming video (some good Amazon Originals on there), free 2-day and reduced 1-day shipping, a music library that admittedly could be better, among some other perks that I don’t recall. The value is off the charts.

    GCU doesn’t give 20% off all games. It’s only new games. Some of the other perks are nice, like 10% off preowned, and 10% bonus on trades. That said, it’s not worth it if you have Prime.

  • GCU is 20% off any “new” (as in not pre-owned) game, as well as gaming related items — not all, but some items.

  • I bet like most of Prime features, it isn’t available in Canada. Could someone tell your president to annex ou country so we can stop all this nonsense ? 😉

    I didn’t read the fine print before, but it seems the free trial isn’t even available in my province! You have to pay for the whole year and they will credit you the 13th month.

  • Physical…. games…?

    I don’t… what is that?

    I just push buttons on my computer and games happen. I don’t understand what they are talking about.

  • I buy physical copies of all my console games, and I get the occasional physical PC game. Usually digital, though! Last year I bought over a dozen physical games.

    Averaging it out on napkin math…
    12*60*.2 = $144

    Pays for my Prime and then almost another game. Sounds good to me!